Coffin – Meaning of Dream


If you dreamed of a coffin, foremost you need to recall not only the coffin but also the details which you saw with it. If there was an inscription on the coffin, especially your name, this dream advises to change life, habits and lifestyle.

If a coffin fell down, it is a good symbol of ability to manage and avoid a great danger or disaster.

To carry a coffin foretells to do bad deeds, and have troubles, which may affect the loved ones or relatives.

If you hammer in coffin lid with a great effort – you will get rid of bad habits and vices.

To cover the coffin with ground forebodes that someone nearby devised a dangerous and evil plan that will bring many troubles.

Dreaming of a coffin is rather unpleasant event, often after such dreams strong unpleasant emotions remain in your head. But not always these dreams predict trouble in life.

If you see empty open coffin – soon you can make a real estate acquisition or expansion of housing. But if there is a dead person in the coffin – you won’t be able to avoid presence at the funeral in real life.

If you see yourself in a coffin, be ready for great worries which might constantly torment you.

A dead person whom you don’t know bodes a weather change. Rare case as if a coffin is seen by a husband and wife at the same period of life. This dream foretells the loss of harmony in family relationships, quarrels, divorce or death of a partner.

Among the most unpleasant dreams is one in which the coffin is moving. In life, the dreamer will feel guilty or even might be disgraced in front of many people.

For a young unmarried girl, this dream tells that soon she will get married, but without love. For a married woman, a dream about coffin bodes cheerful celebration or a large profit.

A coffin, being transported in a hearse, it is an omen of upcoming illness and troubles.

Perhaps the marriage will be spoiled by sad events. Unfortunately, such union will not last for long.

For young women, a coffin strewn with flowers standing in the church hall is a sign of failed marriage promises. A similar meaning can be found for small farmers portending small harvest and frequent disease of animals.



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