Many when they hear the word clover imagine elves going through a rainbow to get to the end and get a clay pot filled with gold coins, because this curious plant is associated with luck and wealth. In many countries and many traditions this plant has a magical meaning and even more valued when is found by accident, and if it has four leaves, is usually better.

These leaves are also called leaflets, it says that each symbolizes one thing in particular. The first represents hope, the second faith, the third love, and the fourth represents luck. On the other hand, many consider the first leaf to the left will give you fame, the second wealth, third love and the fourth health.

According to many superstitions, it is believed that if someone find a four-leaf clover, this would give good luck to the person and even help them find pure and true love.

For many Christians of the Middle Ages, clover was a representation of the cross of Christ, which symbolized the Beatitudes, plus many empirical and occultists believed to have a four-leaf clover plant would help them see the demons and give them the necessary weapons to get rid of them. For this reason during the XVII century was traditional to use clovers at weddings and marriages, as this was the way to protect brides and scare malevolent entities that prevented the enjoyment of the celebration.


The Irish believe that if this plant was found by a young girl, she would fall in love and marry the first man she saw starting from that precise moment. As a curious fact, the four-leaf clover has been included in the national list of species that are in danger of extinction, so if you were to get one; consider yourself the luckiest woman in the world.

For a long time and in current times the clover has been used as an amulet, mostly to bring good luck, it is said that the best way to harness its power would be placing inside the pages of a Bible or inside a shoe.

The clover is a true icon of Ireland where St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17, doing a ritual called drowning the clover, a tradition that is literally drowning the clover in a liquid to thank for last year protection. St. Patrick was a pattern of Ireland and in charge to convert his nation to Christianity.

This means that if someday you find a four-leaf clover, only worry about getting the perfect wedding dress, since your marriage will be a reality.