Chum in the 9th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The wisdom of the ancestors becomes the mind of the descendants. This person appreciates the traditions of spirituality, religious and philosophical concepts adopted in society and inherited from the past. It seems to him that this is precisely its unshakable foundation, which should, in extreme cases, be carefully restored, but in no case should it be revised as a whole. It seems to him that the existing traditions of spiritual training and expansion of consciousness are optimal and should only be slightly adapted to existing conditions; he is also impressed by the ideal “I”, accepted in society, and he is inclined to absolutize it, forgetting about changes in society and the diversity of human individuals, circumstances and destinies. In general, this is a difficult aspect, which, without elaboration, gives inertia and limitations in spiritual searches, as well as views on foreign countries and cultures; on the other hand, within the limits of his views and attitudes, a person will advance very successfully until he hits a ceiling, which can be removed by activating the North Node in the third house, for example, considering new social ideas and trends in the field of practical learning and personal social ethics. Here a person will be very modern and can even take an active and creative part in these areas. However, practical training is impossible without elements of the spiritual, and changes in personal social ethics always affect the group, in particular, the ideals of the individual, which a person should constantly keep in mind. In the inner life, development proceeds on the basis of solid and stable programs of the subconscious, which control the expansion of consciousness and religious-philosophical sensations, in the direction of constructing new programs of practical training and social communication; in other words, a person easily learns and adapts to any types of social communication, but with great difficulty he masters the types of religious and philosophical experiences and expansion of consciousness that are unusual for himself.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This position indicates a religious and valiant person who is able to make sacrifices for a good cause. Such people have disputes with the authorities, they travel a lot, fail in any financial enterprises, experience dangers during voyages, flights, they are worried about pretense-spiritual, hypocritical people. They are careful with money, they are worried about offspring, they are quick-tempered.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

If Ketu is not in a “hostile” sign – a brilliant career, especially in one of the humanitarian fields; trips to study abroad are possible, for a believer – trips to holy places. If the sign is “hostile” (Cancer, Leo) – the career will constantly bump into obstacles. If the IX house is Gemini or Virgo, the person will become famous or even famous. He will make a brilliant career and will be respected by people. Perhaps he will lead a strictly spiritual or even ascetic lifestyle.


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