Chum in the 8th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Before serving your people, you should understand what they want from you. This person is attached to those traditions of the past that are related to the eighth house: wedding ceremonies, funeral and memorial style; in general, he is inclined to honor the memory of ancestors and heroes who died a heroic death for their homeland, as well as saints who were martyred for their faith. He is very impressed by the group and national ethics and the system of values, which, in the form in which he perceives them, appear to him as the foundation and unshakable basis for the development of society. At the same time, he tends to set the paths and goals of his development, focusing to a much greater extent on personal ethics and the system of values, and while his personal and group ethics and morality are not balanced, it will be rather difficult for a person to take a clear position in relation to the foundations and trends of his development. society. In his inner life, a person can have constant crises of development, since the most stable programs of his subconscious are designed for transitional modes (external life and the psyche itself), and normal existence is viewed from these positions and therefore seems insignificant and boring (the aspect of a professional revolutionary). On the contrary, programs for orienting the environment and developing individual ethics are subject to development, which at some point may begin to contradict the collective, subconsciously perceived as an unshakable foundation, and the internal development of a person follows the path of balancing them.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This is a sign of a large number of stops or obstacles in the professional path, chronic illness or troubles associated with the excretory system, average life expectancy, mental strength, a tendency to illegal or scandalous actions, loss of inheritance and other problems. This person may be suffering from excessive sense gratification and dangerous enemies.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Marriage is of little help in life. Diseases of the organs of the reproductive system – either of unknown origin, or very long-term. Sex appeal is weak. But practicality. If the VIII house is Gemini or Virgo, a person will have good intuition and live a long time. Interest in occult and mystical sciences. Marriage will bring good luck and improvement. Sexual attractiveness, absence of diseases of the reproductive system.