Chum in the 7th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

It is difficult to come to oneself over the bodies of enemies. This aspect gives a partly hostile attitude towards tradition, in any case, a person is largely inclined to argue with it internally; in addition, his external enemies tend, in his opinion, to speculate on it, pull out dilapidated dogmas and try to revive them, with which a person will fight, at least internally, but often externally. Moreover, any person who supports the tradition more than he considers necessary or not where he considers necessary, he is inclined to write down as his open enemies, although (karmically) one should not be so straightforward. On the contrary, with partners, he will willingly discuss a tradition that is pleasant to him and will try to continue it, especially with his family, whose traditions are dear to him and essential for the sustainability of life. On the other hand, the news of social life worries him personally, he has a heightened reaction to the turns and whirlpools of social flow, and his personality tends to change with them; he, for example, always has excellent contact with young people, since his perception and ways of self-expression are always modern, and youth slang will not catch him by surprise (if the first house is defeated, he may deliberately speak across the modern style, but he will definitely be familiar with it). In internal development, this person is interested in expanding the possibilities of perceiving the world and self-expression, and here he is capable of much, especially with a strong first home, when, however, self-expression is easily replaced by narcissism. To prevent this from happening, one should pay attention to criticism from enemies and partners, relations with which are regulated by very stable programs of the subconscious, so the latter should be inspected from time to time, but rather slightly improved, covering up cracks and making other repairs, but not completely rebuilding anew, which, on the contrary, may be quite appropriate in relation to the personality.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

The marriage of these people may be unusual or unstable. They often travel about their business. They love solitude and can live in a secluded place. They are capable and well known in the field in which they work; attractive. You may experience stomach complaints or intestinal diseases. They can be annoyed by thieves, they can have any suspicious qualities.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Problems in family life, constant arguments with a partner. Indian astrologers say that such a person is attracted to “women of bad or easy behavior.” The partner (wife) may also have an incurable illness or an uncomfortable character. The person himself usually has a more spiritual than material nature, prone to asceticism. If the VII house is Gemini or Virgo, problems remain, only a partner can be a completely intelligent and spiritual person.



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