Chum in the 5th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The quality of the role is checked on stage. In tradition, this person appreciates the social roles and images of “I” approved by the ancestors and inherited from them. It is in the development and skillful and appropriate use of these roles that a person sees an unshakable basis for the connection of his time with the past. In fashionable social trends, he seeks and welcomes new forms of group work, uniting people not in order to achieve very specific goals. Here he is quite modern, and the old forms of group work, and even the well-established concept of friendship, does not suit him, he looks for friends among modern people and tries to build relationships with them in a completely new way, which may result in certain costs, but still be with it is interesting for them in a group or just to be friends, and there are usually enough people who want to, which at a low level can lead to irresponsibility. In the inner life, the basis of the psyche is the subconscious programs that support the performance of various roles, and the images of a person’s ā€œIā€; these programs are very stable, and a person does not like to modify them or add new ones. He willingly masters programs that ensure his participation in unfocused groups and collectives without an obvious specific problem for him that needs to be solved. There may be many different groups in his life, but he will play approximately the same roles in them and (karmically) must carefully polish them and learn to flexibly combine in accordance with the needs of the current group.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

A person with this disposition may have few children, he may be interested in reading prayers or mantras, have a predisposition to stomach ailments or allergies, and may lose money due to poor investments. These people may be uncommunicative, but they are well educated. Classical texts point out that these people will be intelligent, persistent in their work, lose their minds under the influence of emotions, or be constantly in anxiety.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

The person will not have children or have difficulties with them. Difficulties in love, most start-up businesses fail. Occult Abilities; such a person can be a hypnotist, a psychic-healer, etc. The mind and education can be small. If the V house is Gemini or Virgo, a person will have children who also have occult abilities, or are talented in a particular humanitarian field, in art. In the last incarnation, he worked hard and conscientiously; now he can become a deep philosopher. However, the talent of a politician, doctor or priest is also possible.