Chum in the 4th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Knowing where you stand, it is also good to understand where you are going. This person is attached to traditional views on the role of the family and homeland in a person’s life, as well as well-established methods of cultivating the land, which inspire deep confidence in him. It is here, as well as in the established attitude towards the father-breadwinner, that a person sees the moral foundations of society, which are the unshakable foundation of his development. On the contrary, he sees the political system of society, the bureaucratic and church hierarchy through the eyes of the most fashionable and modern social trends, and here he is inclined to adhere to the “left”. He tends to interpret a sense of responsibility, especially in life’s choices, rather arbitrarily, focusing on social fashion, and the idea of free will is extremely dear to him, although he may not understand very well what it is. Ideas about the role of work and career in human life also change in accordance with social fashion and require deeper analysis. In the inner life, the most stable and formalized will be the programs of the subconscious, which are responsible for deep religiosity and life positions, which at a low level gives extreme inertia and stubbornness. The study gives true and deep religiosity, as well as the wisdom of life positions that will serve as models for many future generations, but this is given only at a high level of philosophical and spiritual culture of a person, and subject to the development of new programs of the subconscious, focused on the perception of external karma and practical spiritual authorities. In other words, one must learn to see his practical spiritual teachers in a variety of circumstances and follow their instructions; and besides, to look for and develop new types of relations with superiors and subordinates, to learn internally in a different way to the setting of practical goals and objectives and practical choices.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

Early separation from mother and loss of family property. There may be frequent travel far from home and the loss of the land for which this person worked hard. We can assume the presence of a small number of close people and a tendency to heart disease. These people usually live far from their place of birth, visit unusual places. They are susceptible to sudden changes in their professional status and are interested in studying spiritual matters.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Bad relationship with the mother; the mother is usually sick, poor, or has a strange lifestyle. The person himself wants to “get to the bottom of everything,” to find the meaning of life. He usually lives in a very old house, with cockroaches, crickets and woodworm beetle. And all his property is also some kind of old one, either patched or repaired, or second-hand. He will leave his parents early and leave home. Problems with getting an education. If the IV house is Gemini or Virgo, then everything is in order with the mother; she is a creative person and helps her son. The property is also in order, the education will be obtained, the degree is probably also; often such people are directors of charitable or educational institutions.


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