Chum in the 1st house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

When trying to dissolve in a partner, the personality precipitates. This aspect gives a very personal relationship to a tradition that deeply worries a person; he can identify with one or another of its elements, but approves (in case of defeat, he can outwardly deny) it as a whole, as an idea necessary for the normal existence of a person and society. In reality, however, it is needed (by him, and even more so by society) less than it seems to him, although it provides the means for perceiving the world and expressing oneself, which, with the accented South Node, can severely limit a person. On the contrary, a person is critical of new trends in society; but towards many phenomena that it does not accept, it is openly hostile, and according to this principle it can even acquire enemies. However, he will certainly discuss the new that he will accept with his partner and begin to follow this with him, and it is possible that he will meet his future spouse at a super-fashionable group, lecture or performance. One of the most important tasks of the internal development of this person is to work out his relationship with the internal enemy and the principles and ethics of external hostility and partnership; here many discoveries and great opportunities await him. On the contrary, work on the personality as such, that is, programs of perception and self-expression, should have the character of repair, albeit a major one, but the basic structures should remain in place as a reliable mental foundation.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This is usually a sign of a lean body and the ability to restrain oneself or work hard to achieve a specific goal. At times, these people may suffer from family strife, may be very interested in spiritual or occult issues, be absent-minded, carried away by their ardent imagination. The ability of the storyteller and the average life expectancy may appear.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Constant perturbations, lack of peace in the house. The spouse will “command”, pursuing mainly his own interests. The person himself will have a spiritual, even ascetic nature, interested in occultism. The constitution is weak, constant health problems. Poisoning tendency. Ketu in conjunction with the assessor gives a timid, inconspicuous personality, a lack of moral principles is possible. In general, the personality is amorphous, different in every setting. If the 1st house is Gemini or Virgo, a person will have intuition that reaches clairvoyance, it is easy to understand problems that seem insoluble to others; he will be respected for this, and he can achieve fame, but he himself is of little interest. If the 1st house is Cancer or Leo, negative predictions are amplified. Ketu comes into full force at the 48th year of life.



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