Chum in the 12th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Corvée is being replaced by quitrent. This person is attracted by the traditions of impersonal service that have developed in society – monasteries, hermits, national heroes who gave their lives to selfless selfless work for the benefit of their people. In this he sees the connection of times and the basis for the further continuous development of society, accepting new forms of self-sacrifice and also making sacrifices extremely negatively or, in any case, very skeptically. He is interested in new trends in society in aspects of attitudes toward health, new forms of everyday work, the use of tools and means of labor, as well as forms of rendering and accepting services. The most responsible moments for him will be the moments of joining the sixth and twelfth houses, when personal labor turns into sacrificial and impersonal: here a person will have too rigid ideas about what the size and nature of the victim should be and too vague and mobile opinions about the nature of the participation of the person and species its imprint on the result of labor. In the inner life of a person, the programs of the subconscious will be fundamental and fully formed, which control his behavior in loneliness and sacrificial situations, which thereby will be close and understandable to him. New, interesting and promising areas of its internal development relate to the development of new ways of maintaining health, various production skills and, in general, personal labor, where a person can discover a variety of opportunities, especially in areas defined by aspects of the North Node.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This indicates less than usual in humans, happiness in the sexual area, eye problems, insomnia, and a lot of exhausting trips. These people may be interested in spiritual pursuits, are unable to take good advice, and spend money unproductively. They are criticized by their superiors. Inability to save money and living in secluded places may also show up.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

An excellent position for a spiritually developed personality: interest in sciences, in questions of the spirit, in psychology, the ability to understand the subtleties and delve into the problem. A lot of expenses, often unexpected; debts. Sex is not fun. Often a person indulges in unhealthy, forbidden pleasures, and suffers from the left ear or left eye. If the XII house is Gemini or Virgo, the person will have prosperity and almost no debt. Success in the sciences dealing with matters of spirit. Sex brings maximum pleasure. Success in relations with foreign countries.



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