Chiron in the 9th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives a bright pedagogical talent. The more complex the subject, the better the person explains. A talented promoter. Has ample opportunity to get acquainted with rare cultures. It is not a problem for him to get the books he needs. Strives for the paradox of preaching. Rarely religious. Believes more in science. Linguist, programmer, teacher of foreign languages.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The ways of the Lord are inscrutable until they are traversed. This person has a difficult relationship with the ideal “I”, and this ideal does not always require a person to follow standard and socially tested virtues. Sometimes the ideal forgives actions that seem clearly reprehensible and seems to laugh at the standard manifestations of conscience and duty, and sometimes it requires some obviously insignificant things; later, however, it may turn out that this is not so. Here, the worked out ideal includes the desire to comprehend what seems completely incomprehensible, and the materialization of plans and objects that have always been considered subtle, ephemeral and almost inaccessible not only to use, but even to a distinct perception. Here the ideal “I” has a wonderful sense of humor and the ability to look outside the box at things, including philosophical generalizations and religious concepts; elaboration gives these qualities to the person himself. In general, the presence of Chiron and especially the higher planets in the ninth house means the direct intervention of a high egregor in the process of forming the ideal “I”, and a person should listen very carefully to his instructions, remembering that here you can feel the direct breath of your destiny. Relations with spiritual teachers are sometimes paradoxical, teaching methods may resemble those adopted in Zen Buddhism, but there are more chances for chaos than for enlightenment, and one must be able not to lose patience, collecting the remains of the old picture of the world into a new mosaic and trying to understand at least something in it – something. In distant countries, there may be surprising events and incidents that are very confusing, the meaning of which will be revealed much later. There is an attitude of curiosity towards unfamiliar cultures, but with a deepening, unexpected achievements are possible, both external (witty synthesis of different cultures) and in internal life (a leap in evolutionary development). When working on, a very interesting approach to foreign cultures, a fresh look and original interpretations.



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