Chiron in the 8th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives the ability to reconnoitre the necessary information, to transmit classified information. “Resident” work (may even be a “double” resident). This is due to Chiron’s favorite pastime – disinformation. Danger from horses (Chiron is a centaur), from teachers, healers, psychotherapists, magicians. The situations that transform are comic and tragicomic (even if they end tragically). A person loves “black” humor, especially if the planet is affected. A connoisseur of a rare and, especially, dead language. The ability to hypnosis. A hypnotist with a “pop” flavor. Reanimatologist, medicine man, veterinarian.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

My higher and lower selves cannot agree on which of them is more ephemeral. Imprisonment. Chiron creates chaos and dead ends, trying to draw a person’s attention to moments that normally escape him, and thereby expand his consciousness. However, in this case, this difficult planet chose not the best moments for itself to manifest its principle: marginal states, changes in the basic conditions of life (marriage, divorce, employment … – change of one of the main egregors), when a person’s attention barely keeps up with what is happening, and the point of view is already forcedly shifted relative to the usual. Chiron aggravates all these difficulties, puts obstacles on the way to marriage or divorce that are completely incomprehensible to the mind, but, nevertheless, not as insurmountable as they seem. When a way out that opens on its own or comes in the form of a witty solution appears, the person slaps himself on the head and says: “How could I not have guessed it right away!” – although before I would have considered this idea fantastic and absolutely unreal. Nevertheless, the study of this aspect, although it attracts with the opening possibilities of overcoming many external and internal crises, is rather complicated and accessible only to people at a sufficiently high level of evolutionary development: karmic nodes are seen with much more difficulty than the laminar (smooth) flow of karma. Psychological crises are associated with a poor understanding of oneself, inability to see one’s higher and lower principles and establish cooperation between them instead of outright war; details will show aspects of Chiron. Working out the aspect gives the ability to originally see and show people the shortcomings and vices of group ethics, so it is difficult to dismiss criticism; without elaboration, relations with teams are often not even, a person sometimes sincerely does not understand why everyone is unhappy with him and what, in fact, they want from him. This aspect potentially gives great abilities to the occult sciences, especially to materialize and understand what was previously almost elusive and incomprehensible, but this should be confirmed in the horoscope as a whole.


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