Chiron in the 6th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives discomfort of organs-“conductors” (nervous ailments, esophagus, intestines, ligaments). Treatment methods involve communication. Treatment in a word, psychotherapy, a combination of traditional and alternative medicine. A person has the ability for all folk crafts, for rare professions (which have not yet become professions), for example, such as an astrologer: it is associated with language and is strange, unusual. Such people make very good diagnostic doctors (they do not directly treat themselves, but they make a diagnosis, even over the phone, give advice, explain to the patient what is wrong with him, write out a prescription). Psychotherapeutic abilities. It is important for such people to achieve high efficiency in everyday household problems. The most chic, when you manage to “kill three birds with one stone” with one decision. They keep animals that mimic, imitate: a chameleon, a monkey.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

You should never think that you understand what you are doing. A fall. If a person works seriously, he has no time for jokes, especially stupid ones; development deadlocks and general chaos also do not contribute to an increase in labor productivity, not to mention the creation of new technologies … the latter, however, sometimes happens, but somewhat later. Chiron in the sixth house, when it turns on, requires that a person in his work become an inventor, using techniques and tools on the verge of fantasy, and sometimes on the other side of that verge. Initially, Chiron simply puts dead ends in the work, and those that cannot be bypassed by standard methods, and imperceptibly shifts the person’s point of view to his work, prompting him an incredible, but real way out. If a person does not see him (and this may be due to the need to expand his picture of the world), then he plunges into confusion or despair, depending on the aspects of Chiron and the map as a whole, but after some (possibly long) time, the exit is found, also unexpected and unpredictable. Working out the aspect makes it possible to access the most advanced technologies, use unusual and highly productive tools, and the most important of them – your body, or rather, bodies: physical, ethereal, astral (rarely more subtle). Ability to control physiology, influence on the development of the body, power over emotions and, to some extent, over thoughts; treatment of oneself and others with biofields, suggestion, reading mantras, energy gymnastics, etc .; however, diseases can be unusual and difficult to treat with conventional methods.