Chiron in the 4th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The instability of the location – several houses, apartments, places where a person is expected – may be in a small area (one block). It is difficult to find him at home. Parents may be step-parents. Inversion of the functions of the mother and father: the father brings up, and the mother works. Family ties are not very strong, attachment to home is minimal.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Comprehending the incomprehensible. Chiron (and any of the three higher planets) in the fourth house gives a person who has a very powerful engine inside, and he can start working at any time. Until this happens, it is safe to say that a person does not know himself; but he is potentially capable of great things. In the lower octave, this aspect gives the life position of a balamut, a person who believes that any business needs to be tripped up and as soon as possible to fail or compromise it. His ideal is a dead end of development, turning reality into complete hopeless chaos. Such an attitude leads to the fact that after a while chaos reigns in his own psychic reality, since he will be forced to face the dead end of his own internal development and will not be able to find a way out of it, having a stable skill of profanation. Working out, on the contrary, gives an internal attitude towards overcoming difficulties and dead ends with non-standard, almost unbelievable, but in reality just new and effective methods. Chiron offers a person an unusual, unusual or incomprehensible phenomenon or event and confronts him with a very clear choice: either to deflect this phenomenon and consider it the most common (for which it is enough to ridicule him; in general, profane humor is governed by the lower octave of Chiron), or, conversely, clearly recognize it going beyond their ideas about reality and, accordingly, expanding them (this can apply to both the external and internal world). Switching from a lower (profaning) chironic attitude to a higher (constructive) one leads to the fact that a person begins to manifest unusual abilities and possibilities; details will indicate the position of Chiron in the chart, for example, with Chiron in an air sign in aspect with the Moon – unusual possibilities of memory, in a fiery one – the ability to work with cosmic energy, with a major aspect of Mars, there may be extraordinary athletic abilities (fifth house) or the gift of healing ( twelfth house). As the aspect is worked out, a person becomes not only very interesting with himself, but his outer life begins to change: fate presents him with opportunities to apply his acquired powers in practice (tenth house). Self-affirmation at a low level is a confirmation of the position “there is nothing in the world that I could not ridicule and destroy”, then this position changes to a constructive “you can find a way out of any dead end”. When a person has religious sensations, God reveals himself unexpectedly, but completely materially and unequivocally. Life with such a person in a family is a challenge, but at times it can be very interesting. At first, with poor study, serious and significant deadlocks in the development of the family are possible, sometimes psychological, sometimes apparently purely external, but overcome, nevertheless, primarily by internal work. Chiron, when working out, gives a high level of internal honesty, and otherwise – a colossal self-deception, all the possibilities of projecting one’s own guilt on others.



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