Chiron in the 3rd house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

It is difficult for a person to speak in normal language. Difficulties in understanding. Uses irony that not everyone understands. Can ask rhetorical questions, asks what he already knows (“occupational disease” of teachers). Avoids questions on topics that he does not know (that is, he closes himself in information), asks tricky questions, uses incomprehensible new words. He sees the same problem from different sides (stereoscopic understanding). This position is good for the study of symbolic, foreign (especially rare) languages. A person easily picks up keys to ciphers.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

A person believes in a miracle not when it happens before his eyes, but when he learns to create it himself. This aspect gives a somewhat displaced vision of people and social situations, in a harmonious version, maybe very funny and confusing a person from the standard positions of the public subconscious. The usual social relations for this person are boring, Chiron tempts him to split off some inappropriate joke or say something that does not fit into any gate; sometimes, he himself is subjected to such treatment and for some time cannot understand what kind of light he is in. The study gives interesting acquaintances and new, much more satisfactory, forms of human relations that have not yet been accepted in society. This aspect gives original and, with harmonious aspects, effective forms of learning, currently with the use of hypnosis, immersion, various types of meditation, psychotechnics and inclusion in energy flows, depending on the sign in which Chiron stands and its aspects. With the defeat of Chiron, everything is the same, but with bad teachers, at first it is haphazard, chaotic and ineffective, and here the study is difficult, because it requires not only the expansion of consciousness, but also the overcoming of social stereotypes that regulate the learning process itself, which under Chiron must necessarily go essentially , not just mentally. The mottos of this aspect during its elaboration: “to know is to change” and “knowledge is skill”. With a strong inclusion of Chiron, a person can get into “training” to a black magician, an occultist of a lower octave or a spiritualist, which will turn the picture of the world upside down, but may not create a new one, with a strong negative impact on the human psyche as a whole, until hospitalization in a psychiatric clinic, inclusive. The study of the aspect gives, on the contrary, the opportunity to teach according to ultramodern methods, using (for now) the hidden capabilities of the human body and psyche, and at a high level to effectively engage in psychotherapy of severe mental patients. Chiron is a practical planet, and teachers with this aspect should always bring their students to the point of practical application of the material learned.