Chiron in the 1st house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person sees curiosities and absurdities around. If Jupiter and Uranus are strong, then he finds it funny all the time. Notices the paradoxical nature of phenomena, keenly feels the division of the world into the spiritual and the animal. It manifests itself in two ways, in a bizarre way combining the highly spiritual and natural-biological. Likes to demonstrate his ability to transform. When he appears in society, there is a restructuring of the intellectual atmosphere, the conversation shifts from a high to a low everyday topic, or vice versa.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

An incomprehensible amount suddenly turns into a frightening quality, leaving the person completely bewildered. This aspect gives a person who is somewhat different from everyone else, but in what exactly, it is difficult to say for him and those around him. He sees the world differently from others, and at times standard views are alien to him; at least he likes situations on the verge of understanding, forcing him to rethink old views in an unexpected direction. A peculiar sense of humor, a certain independence of judgments, a tendency to enter into antagonism with the prevailing public opinion, or, in any case, to ignore it when an ordinary person does not. Such a person can live in an environment rather boring, although he will not understand at all what the matter is and what does not suit him. With a pronounced inclusion of Chiron, his blow goes on a person’s personality, usually from two sides at once: from the inside and outside. In other words, external events occur, seemingly plausible, but do not fit into the usual framework, and when trying to adapt them to their psyche, a person cannot cope, ordinary mechanisms fail, and programs unseen with an unpredictable and outlandish effect float out of the subconscious. Therefore, a person has to rebuild his personality in two directions at once: perception of the external world, where he has to master fundamentally new programs, and awareness of the internal, for which a new conceptual apparatus is needed or, at least, several completely new concepts. After that, the task of finding new forms of self-expression and new methods of managing the inner world and psyche arises.



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