Chiron in the 12th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person bears the burden associated with the presence of conventions in society. Most often protests against conventions or invents new ones. Hides his ignorance, ignorance or knowledge. Lost the keys to higher knowledge, code, password. If a doctor, then he is looking for a panacea. Alone, he mocks himself, comes up with tricks, practical jokes.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Hephaestus. The climax. This aspect gives unusual conditions of confinement, often these are situations of dead ends of development or incomprehensible chaotic development of external events, confusing a person and clearly meaning something, but what exactly is difficult to understand. This person does not understand the jokes of fate, and often of those around him, they upset him and make him feel lonely and inferior. At the same time, it is in confinement that the most interesting and unexpected thoughts can come to this person, so subtle and not entirely clear concepts and ideas will materialize and delineate, and if you take these ideas seriously, and try to understand what is in them in fact, there is a constructive and understandable, remarkable discoveries can be made in areas determined by the aspects of Chiron. It is not so easy to appeal to the feelings of pity and compassion of this person; he can laugh it off (albeit unsuccessfully) from a rather serious someone else’s trouble. On the other hand, if he takes disinterested participation in someone, he may come up with the most unexpected and original ideas, on the verge of science fiction, but, nevertheless, sometimes capable of opening the most hopeless dead ends to the suffering. If a person follows the path of selfishness, consistently ignoring calls and cries for help, he himself will fall into a dead end, which, upon closer examination, will turn out to be an ordinary prison, a way out of which can be found only by dealing with other people’s problems that have nothing to do with him personally. But one should not think that a person will quickly and painlessly understand this; he will first have to be disappointed in his ability to resolve his deadlock situation, and then still believe in almost a miracle, for example, that his external dead ends are consequences of internal ones and that from the latter it is necessary to look for a way out in the first place, while the former is possible (and better ) do not engage at all. The sacrifices that this person will bring should be unusual, but significant enough for him; an important program of the subconscious to be illuminated is inertness in the perception of fundamentally new phenomena of the inner and outer world.



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