Chiron in the 11th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

In two different groups, the person performs in different roles. He chooses groups according to his versatile interests, tries to connect them in the most bizarre way (like the national football team). His idea of the structure of society is twofold. He is interested in a caste society, but wants freedom for the elite, so that he himself has the freedom to choose a group. Has an interest and ability for long-term forecasting.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The face of the group is always invisible. This person can play the role of a group jester, but at the same time should try to make his jokes and paradoxes not only cause a friendly laugh, but also turn the group’s views in a non-standard direction. He can do this, and at a low level sometimes confuse all relationships and affairs and plunge the group into total chaos; however, leaving it, the group can become qualitatively different. Working out gives a person the role of a group educator; now, at the end of the 20th century, when the role and possibilities of group work are being rethought and dramatically increased, this aspect is very promising. A person can teach the group directed meditations, connecting to various information and energy channels that are important for it, and more meaningful interaction with their own and other’s egregors. On the contrary, the group can lead his development into decisive dead ends, the way out of which he must look for in new, non-standard views of himself and group work, as well as his role in the team. It is not boring with this person in the group, but he can overwhelm it with his antics, concepts and views, which will seem incredible, unacceptable or unrealizable to most; the elaboration of the aspect is to refute these opinions in practice. With friends, this person is lucky, they, like him in their presence, have an original sense of humor and non-standard views on anything, and an enduring interest in flying saucers and in general contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations.