Chiron in the 10th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person can achieve popularity through wit. Mission: to turn hidden knowledge into public knowledge. Can be a filmmaker – skilled in editing, in combined filming. Diverse activities at the intersection of different fields. Professions without a name. Writers, especially those who brought something new to the language.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The goal of the subordinate is not to fulfill the task of the boss, but to remove the burden from his soul. The life choices that this person will meet will often confuse him and be accompanied by chaos – external and internal, which will make it extremely difficult to make the right decision. The meaning of this chaos and unexpected choice is to force a person to change their standard, and most often socially directed views on their specific situations of choice, as well as relationships with superiors and subordinates, and, expanding their consciousness, look in a completely different way (how exactly , will show aspects of Chiron and non-standard inner impulse), after which the right choice will become obvious. The boss of this person will sometimes be rather unusual, and it will be possible to build a relationship with him only at the cost of a certain self-sacrifice, namely, a change in some of his essential views on himself and his outer life and work. The karmic task of this aspect is to see the true (or at least deeper) meaning of the activity of the hierarchy, of which a person is a member, and this experience is quite strong and not always pleasant. In relations with subordinates, a person is inclined to use the latest means of organizing work, for example, to scientifically study the psychological climate, to measure the strength and size of the biofield of employees on a monthly basis, or, at least, to provide each with a biorhythm table, putting salary days on it in red. The sense of responsibility is unusual, a person may feel the importance of something clearly insignificant and vice versa, and these feelings should be carefully dealt with, since they may turn out to be unexpectedly correct, although in some way they may be wrong. His advice is such that some of them can be used as circus recitals, but they should still be heeded sometimes.


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