Ox: They are extremely healthy women who live for a long time. Since their perfectionists, and are often well in everything, they will always standout at work. Also, they are known for being very introverted, reason why they do not like flirt and have difficulty finding partners, because change is something they’re not too keen on.

Horse: Those belonging to this sign are usually very athletic women who like to exercise a lot, reason why they always have a good health. Since they are very positive people, they are known for being outgoing, loving whatever has to do with public interrelating. When in relationships they give it all, this can be negative since they usually get hurt.

Goat: Because they tend to have many health problems, they are healthier when they are happy. It is often hard for them to have relationship as they are very reserved. Regardless of this, they like and prefer to work in groups, not caring what position they must take.

Boar: They tend to like excesses; consequently, they often abuse and get stick. At work they are very cooperative, excelling in art and painting. Since they are people full of love, they do well in this department, usually having very long relationships.

Rabbit: They tend to keep their feelings to themselves, which ends up affecting their health. Also, they are very sexual person, but expect much out of their relations, leaving them often disappointed. They outshine in careers as writers and therapists, also, rabbits are very good at giving advice.

Dragon: These are natural born leaders and very healthy women. They stand out as lawyers or architects. As for love, they can be very vindictive, a thig their partners should be careful with.

Rooster: Active women, if they ever get sick they will soon recover. They excel in careers such as dentistry and banking. They are not afraid to say exactly what they think, but behind that apparent indifference, there is a very loving woman.

Monkey: They are characterized by being very nervous. This is the main reason of all their illnesses. In matters of work, they adapt to everything and everyone. However, when it comes to relationships, they can get very easily bored; reason why it´s difficult for them to get the perfect partner.

Dog: Their health will always depend on their current mood. As for their relationships, they tend to be very distrustful, but they are extremely reliable. They shine in jobs as teachers, policemen and designers.

Rat: They enjoy a good health, but are always stressed. They are very smart women and that can become masters of the world, reason why they stand out in any job. When getting through a breakup, they usually get very depressed; this is way it is difficult for them to risks.

Snake: These are women who like a quiet life. As for their jobs, they always get bored, bringing them problems. As for their relations, they are masters in the art of seduction, and can have any man eating from the palm of their hands.

Tiger: These are very active woman, and can eventually suffer from fatigue. They will stand out in jobs where they put in strategic positions as leaders. They can be very dominant and adventurous in while in relationships, which means that their partner must always surprise them.