According to those who study astrology, the hour, day, month, year and even the position of the planets at the moment precise moment of our birth, define and affect our lives. Because of this, many of us resort to astrology to know things, like: whether the description of our character matches our sign, what lies ahead or how we should act on a given day.

The difference in how we do it depends on our culture and personal beliefs. Many have predisposition of reading their daily horoscope, being the most popular and known the Chinese and Western horoscope. But, what should we know about them? And, which one is more accurate?

Common ground Both have two things in common, they are both approximately 5,000 years old and have 12 signs governing each month of the year. In that sense, here are the equivalents:  Sagittarius – Rat,  Capricorn – Buffalo,  Aquarius – Tiger,  Pisces – Rabbit,  Aries – Dragon,  Taurus – Snake, Gemini – Horse,  Cancer – Goat,  Leo – Monkey,  Virgo – Rooster,  Libra – Dog,  Scorpio – Boar.

But when we talk about the study of each sign is when the marked differences start to appear. The western horoscope is calculated based on the study of the zodiac constellations, governed by the sun’s position at the time of our birth. As for the Chinese horoscope, it studies the influence of the five elements of the universe to which planets are assigned: Water (Mercury), Fire (Mars), Earth (Saturn), Metal (Venus) and Wood (Jupiter). They also take into account their interaction in the Lunar Year of Birth represented by each animal and balanced through Ying (Moon) and Yang (Sun).

Know your future correctly, Based on this, why do some read or the other? The truth is that some are quite precise while others simply tell us what we want to her at a given time, helping us understand our personality and calm other´s sense of uncertainty about the future.

For whatever reason you read one or the other, feel free to choose whichever you like. Both have the same purpose: to provide us with tools to know ourselves more. With these, we can shape our present and future based on our behavior and interaction with others, get rid of fears, share desires and beliefs; and connect with our spirituality to be in perfect balance with the universe.

Remember, we are just a small part of the universe and that it’s very likely that ancient science of astrology is the product of an olden heritage of superior alien races. They could have visited our planet millions of years ago to guide us in our passage through the world to achieve or transcend to a higher plane of existence.