Chewing gum – Meaning of Dream


Chewing gum is a reflection of failures that a dreamer might experience very soon.

If you dreamed of a chewing gum, in reality you are going to receive a job/task that will be useless for you and for others.

A dreaming of a cow chewing the grass, most often it is a harbinger of trouble, so a dreamer will have to mobilize all efforts. If you plan to be a speaker at the meeting, most likely it will end up in a failure.

If you chew a gum or buy it, this dream portends that in upcoming future you might possibly face the demise of current affairs and activity, if you don’t pay enough attention to your business.

If a dreaming about a chew is seen by a cattle fancier, this dream may herald the loss of cattle.

A dreaming as if somebody is chewing portends that a dreamer will suffer from a gratuitous insult and inadequate behavior of friends or relatives.

If you step on a gum in a dream, in reality you can be drawn into an unfair intrigue. If a woman had such a dream, she risks trusting a man who is a liar and cheater.

A dreaming, as if you enjoy the taste of a chewing gum, portends that you risk losing a friend due to own ambitions.

If you stretch a gum, it is important to be ready for various difficulties when managing own business. If the gum was torn during the stretching, you may face the obstacles on the way to the completion of important matters.

If you blow chewing gum bubbles, it tells that you cherish empty hopes, waste your time, and just do not understand the current state of affairs.

Even if your business won’t be bad, still it will have the period of stagnation.


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