Chestnut – Meaning of Dream


If you saw a chestnut tree, this dream reflects your desire to predict the current course of events. Chestnut urges to demonstrate caution and patience, advises not to rush and carefully weigh all the decisions.

If you used chestnuts for divination, it bodes that soon you are going to meet an attractive representative of the opposite sex.

For women, chestnuts promise only well: excellent health, peace, stable financial status and happiness. Chestnuts plucked from the tree herald joy; if you ate them – get ready for well-being and good.

Roasted chestnuts predict the performance of all cherished desires. If you held the chestnuts in your hands, this dream prepares you for losses in financial enterprises; but there is good news – perhaps you will find a reliable business partner, aimed at long-term cooperation.

If you’re a girl and you happily ate chestnuts in a dream, this is a favorable sign, promising relationship with a wealthy and prosperous man.

Chestnut trees in blossom predict the successful organization of a new business with very good prospects.

If you plucked the flowers, it portends failures in business. If you silently observed a chestnut tree, it portends incredible luck in all your endeavors. Lush crown promises huge profits, but a bare tree is considered as bad omen that predicts losses and failures in the professional sphere.

If you ate roasted chestnuts with other food, soon you will have a little fussy and senseless, but at the same time very pleasant pastime.

Miller considered a dream in which you held chestnuts in the hands as ambiguous sign, promising on the one hand – a loss in business, and on the other – charming and adventurous partner for life. In other dream variations his interpretations are similar to the modern dream book.



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