Characteristics of the totem animal whale


The role of the whale is to guard all the secrets of the common world, the magicians of the planet Earth even compared this creature with a living library that lives in water and keeps many secrets of history. The whale is the most ancient creature in the world, according to mythology and ancient legends, the whale is a symbol of common creation, both of the bodies of all living beings and the entire physical world.

About whales

A number of world cultures considered whales to be the most perfect creatures in the world, and these animals were created by the great spirit itself. Also, the whale has knowledge of the creative unique power of breathing and can use it for various purposes. It is believed that they will be sensitive to those sounds from which the world itself was created, since it is sound that is the life force of the creation of living things. Such amazing animals were previously a symbol of a general resurrection for those who have been in darkness for a long time, the story of the prophet Jonah from the Bible speaks about this. As this interesting legend says, Jonah spent three days exactly in the belly of the whale, and then the animal vomited him into the land, this was a second birth for Jonah.

Human protection

Every secret of the earth will have to be guarded, this was entrusted to the whale itself, which because of this is often compared to a library where millions of unique secrets are kept. Shamans say that it is necessary to listen more often to the voice of a whale and a magic tambourine, which can create the silence of the world in the hands of a healer. Before speech and human language appeared, we spoke a single language, which was an echo of the creator and all whales remember this. Having an image of a guard whale, a person learns all the secrets of the world that are inherent in his genes. The unique and amazing whale totem will train its wearer to use frequencies and sounds to balance the emotional and physical body.

Looking for your Voice

To work with a whale totem, you first need to know and study your voice, it is the totem that will help you see that you are the only creature in the world, without such a voice, which is all other different animals. And then, when you have your voice, you can use it further to release emotions and restore the balance of power in the physical body.

It is this voice, that is, magical unique sounds that will help you quickly release all the secret records that are in human genes and can use them in order to get the harmony and power of the energy of the world. Man is the melody of space and harmony, thanks to the totem of the whale, you can become stronger and more powerful, discovering the uniqueness of your personality. The whale totem refers to those who were born on March 5, it is to this person that he will help the most, for this you need to have a figurine or an image of a whale with you.