Chakra meditation. Chakra description


Chakra meditation is a fairly well-known and effective form of meditation. It is quite accessible to beginners, you just need to study information about the meaning and properties of the chakras before starting meditation.

Chakra meditation will help you get your energy centers working. After all, chakras provide energy for all human life. If the chakras do not work properly, a person begins to experience a lack of energy and all aspects of life suffer from this, including health, relationships, work, vitality.

With constant practice, you will be able to regain the lost balance of life, raise the energy to a higher level, heal and prevent diseases, improve your physical and mental condition.


Chakras are centers of accumulation of human vital energy, centers of power. They carry out the whole range of operations for the accumulation, conservation, assimilation, transformation and expenditure of subtle energies necessary for human life.

They are not physical organs and do not copy any of the organs of the physical body. Chakras exist and are located independently of the human anatomical structure. Although some of them are bound in the human body to organs or nerve centers, through which energy is transferred to the physical body of a person.


The most famous and most important in human existence are the seven main chakras, located along the midline of the body, parallel to the spinal column. They can be roughly divided into upper and lower chakras.

Upper “triangular”: sarashara, ajna, vishudha.

Lower “triangle”: muladhara, svadhisthana, manipura.

The chakra anahata unites all chakras and all human energy. It is believed that the personality of a person is in anahata, his is I. The lower triangle feeds the carnal physical needs of a person, such as physical and mental health, the functions of reproduction and communication, rational activity. The chakras of the upper triangle are associated with higher energies, creative and spiritual development, knowledge of the essence of being.


  • Color: red.
  • Location: at the base of the spine, between the genitals and the anus.
  • Simovl: a dark red lotus with four petals and a square in the center.
  • Element: earth.

Meaning and properties: the Muladhara chakra is responsible for the physical health of a person, the ability to stand firmly on his feet, have healthy offspring and fulfill physical purpose. Muladhara concentrates and distributes vital energy. It provides energy to the legs, spine, rectum, bladder, genitals, blood. She also oversees the production of adrenaline by the adrenal glands in case of a threat to life, which gives a powerful flow of energy into the body to solve the problem. It has a connection with the Earth and can be energized by the energy of the Earth through biologically active points and chakras on the feet.

Psychologically, it gives a person a sense of connection with the Earth, the presence of support in life, love of life, determination, courage, cheerfulness, confidence in the future, solidity, openness, straightforwardness and a tendency to leadership.

If a situation of an excess of energy is created in this chakra, then this is manifested in an excessive craving for material pleasures (food, rags, money, drunkenness, sexual pleasures). This chakra state is characterized by pronounced egoism, aggressiveness, cruelty, imposing one’s opinion on everyone. Such people, as a rule, develop hypertension, high blood cholesterol, obesity, rheumatism, and joint diseases.

If muladhara is blocked and there is not enough energy in it, then a person is characterized by weakness, fatigue, poor memory, laziness, apathy, cowardice, passivity, inability to solve material problems. It is characterized by problems with the spine, osteoporosis of bones, uterine fibroids, prostate adenomas, frigidity, impotence.

Mooladhara Chakra Meditation : Imagine a beam of white light descending along your spine to the base and then starting to rise. Hold it at the level of the first chakra and imagine that it turns red. Hold your breath and concentrate on the physical nature of your feelings. Feel yourself passionate, strong, brave, filled with powerful physical energy, as you exhale, radiate the red color, feel its power. Do this several times until you are fully aware of the first chakra.


  • Orange color.
  • Location: Between the navel and the base of the reproductive organs.
  • Simovl: orange lotus with six petals.
  • Element: water.

Meaning and properties: svadhisthana is a reservoir of human sexual energy necessary for the continuation of the human race. The energy of this chakra supports the balance of sex hormones, sperm activity, genital function, digestion, immunity, liver, kidneys, spleen, intestines, pancreas and lymph nodes, as well as libido (attraction to the opposite sex).

Psychologically, she gives confidence in her abilities, supports the sexual instinct, the sense of herd, the element of desires and passions. With harmonious work and chakra development, a person is cheerful, witty, courageous, independent, impulsive, passionate, sociable and has a high vitality.

With excessive activity of svadhisthana, a person becomes characterized by: nervous breakdowns, anger, jealousy, nymphomania, craving for sexual excesses and perversions, entertainment, food.

With her weakness, there is no sex drive, frigidity, lack of orgasm during sex, infertility, miscarriages, obesity develops. Such a person cannot live his own life, he easily succumbs to someone else’s influence.

Svadhisthana Chakra Meditation : Imagine a beam of white light descending along your spine to the base and then starting to rise. Stop it at the second chakra level, two fingers down from the navel. Imagine how the energy changes its color to orange. Swim in this color, feel the vitality and energy, your own magnetism, feel that you are able to attract anyone. Experience the awakening of your own sensuality. All five senses have taken on new life. As you exhale, send magnetic, joyful energy into the world.


  • Yellow color.
  • Location: solar plexus area.
  • Simovl: yellow lotus with ten petals and a triangle in the center.
  • Element: fire.

Meaning and properties: the manipura chakra in its physical manifestation affects the level of a person’s vital energy and their ability to earn money. Also, the chakra is responsible for intellectual properties and will – a springboard to spiritual movement and rebirth.

Physiologically, the manipura chakra is responsible for the stomach, liver, gallbladder, adrenal glands, pancreas, and affects the production of digestive enzymes and the state of the sympathetic nervous system.

On the psychological plane, this is the center of will, hard work, diligence, the desire to stand out in society, self-actualize. With strong manipulation, we are faced with a business person who knows how to achieve a goal by his work, relying on his own strength. In the life of this person there is no longer a constant struggle for his ideals and beliefs, his life becomes calm and measured. He expressed a sense of justice and duty to people and society.

With an excess of energy in manipura, there is a desire to get involved in all matters, to interfere in the fate of other people, excessive rationalism, careerism, obsession with some ideas (diets, political fanaticism). Such people are characterized by arrogance, arrogance, spite, anger, vanity. All this leads to various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, more often of an inflammatory nature.

With weak manipura, a person is weak-willed, cannot set goals, achieve them, lives in a world of empty dreams, is unable to make important decisions on his own, cannot say a firm “no”, nervous, fussy, easily obeys someone else’s will. Such people are characterized by ulcerative processes in the digestive organs with the transition to cancer.

Manipura Chakra Meditation : Imagine a beam of white light descending along your spine to the base and then starting to rise and hold it at the third chakra level, just above your navel, in your solar plexus. Imagine the color white turning into a radiant yellow. Realize yourself as an independent person, free to choose the manifestation of your own will. Feel the purity of your power, understand the roots of your values ​​and beliefs. Feel completely independent and breathe that feeling out into the world.

Chakra Anakhata

  • Green color.
  • Location: at the level of the heart between the shoulder blades.
  • Simovl: a green lotus with twelve petals and a six-pointed star in the center.
  • Element: air.

Meaning and properties: as I wrote above, the anahata chakra is a very important component in the chakra system and the energy of our body. It can be figuratively compared to a crossroads that connects all chakras with each other and with subtle bodies, distributing energies between them.

This chakra is the heart, both in the literal sense and on the subtle level, since it is responsible for the heart, the circulatory system, and for the desire to love and be loved. This is the chakra of harmony with the world and oneself, therefore, learning to master the art of love is the way to its development.

Physiologically, it energizes the thymus gland, upper back, lungs, heart and the entire cardiovascular system, as well as the lymphatic system.

On the psychological plane, she controls emotions and feelings to maintain harmony between the impulses of low desires coming from the lower chakras, with impulses coming from the higher centers. Thus, she takes part in shaping our behavior. It balances, calms, disciplines. Through her, the qualities of our Divine soul are manifested, which are automatically perceived to form actions in certain situations.

A person with a developed anahata chakra is kind, merciful, compassionate, he is happy, joyful in any conditions, he is able to love not so much himself as other people and the whole World. Next to such a person it is warm, light and calm, you want to communicate with him indefinitely. They accept life as it is and accept people without condemnation as they are. And therefore, their life flows easily and naturally, and in his life there is always love, happiness, success and prosperity, everything that is needed for a happy life.

With an overly active anahata in a person, love takes on ugly forms. This is either excessive love for one’s own person (narcissism) or insane love for others (excessive motherly love). These people are characterized by such health deviations as vegetative-vascular dystonia, neuroses and diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

With a lack of energy in anahata, a person becomes dependent on the love of others, in the absence of it he becomes sad, worries, and does not find a place for himself in life. This person is emotionally cold, callous, does not know how to express his feelings, therefore he is lonely, suffers from depression, neurasthenia, insufficiency of the circulatory system.

Meditation on the Anahata chakra : mentally bring a ray of white light to the first chakra, and then watch as it rises to the level of the heart, colored in the color of forest greenery. Having surrendered to the will of this refreshing ray, realize yourself as a loving, open person. Feel the limitlessness of life, understand that there is a lot in life for everyone. Awaken your sense of generosity, share your heart with the world. Know that your heart is capable of making decisions that help align your bodily and spiritual needs.


  • Blue color.
  • Location: at the base of the throat.
  • Simovl: a blue lotus with sixteen petals and a triangle in the center.
  • Element: ether.

Meaning and properties: the physiological aspect of the Vishuddha chakra is to ensure optimal communication between people and the world around them.

People with developed vishuddha always choose the right type of their activity, which allows them to realize their life tasks. Such work is their joy and they achieve a lot in this field. Vishuddha oversees the face, neck, thyroid gland, throat, eyes, teeth, ears, shoulders, arms. It is involved in the metabolism and distribution of calcium in the body.

On a psychological level, she is the center of speech, creativity and talents. It is thanks to this chakra that a person receives new ideas, insights and guesses. With developed vishudha, a person has good command of voice and speech. He can easily express himself and communicate with people around him. But the development and opening of this chakra is very dependent on the activity of the first 3 chakras. If they are not developed, then little energy enters vishuddhu and a person cannot manifest his talents, he does not have enough energy for creativity.

If the chakra is not opened, then the person has poor speech or is generally silent, the vocabulary is small, the person cannot express his feelings, he has a squeaky unpleasant voice, poor gestures. Often he cannot decide on his profession, makes mistakes with his choice and works without love. These people are characterized by tumors, thyroid gland, insomnia, depression.

With an overabundance of energy in this chakra, a person is talkative, does not know how to listen to others, and excessively gesticulates. He develops megalomania, he only recognizes his innocence, likes to argue, ridicule others. These people are prone to diseases of the thyroid gland, throat, teeth, obesity or thinness, rapid aging and loss of strength.

To open this chakra, it is necessary to learn to communicate, improve speech, choose the right profession so that work is a joy. And work on all the previous centers.

Vishuddha Chakra Meditation : Bring an imaginary beam of white light to the first chakra, and then watch it rise to the level of the neck. Feel the sky blue color enveloping you. Let your thoughts be as limitless as the sky, let your imagination carry you into the vast expanses of consciousness. Awaken your ability to perceive the world creatively. Feel that your ability to express your true self is limitless. Awaken your true self, freed from the constraints of cultural stereotypes.


  • Color: blue.
  • Location: “third eye”, area between the eyebrows.
  • Simovl: a blue lotus with two petals and a triangle in the center.
  • Element: radium.

Meaning and properties: the physiology of the ajna chakra is determined by the fact that it receives energy from the crown chakra, brings it down and thereby controls the entire body. She oversees the pituitary gland, cerebellum, central nervous system, controls all endocrine glands.

On a psychological level, it is the center of intuition. If the chakra is developed, a person intuitively receives the necessary information at the right time. Ajna man consciously controls life, all his desires are quickly fulfilled. It is revealed by higher powers only in highly spiritual people, otherwise a person can easily realize his base desires, which can harm other people. As this center opens, a person develops superpowers: clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy.

If a person is overly intensely trying to develop this chakra to obtain superpowers, without balancing other centers, he becomes characterized by an excessive demonstration of his mind, pride, a sense of superiority over others, a loss of connection with reality and a loss of interest in life in the material World. It is clear that many problems will appear in the life of this person, but superpowers are unlikely to be revealed.

If the chakra is blocked, then a person lacks curiosity, he categorically refuses to recognize spiritual life, is indifferent to art, culture, science. He is subject to a pronounced herd instinct.

Ajna Chakra Meditation : Follow an imaginary beam of white light to the root chakra, and then ascend through each chakra to the third eye. Imagine how white changes to blue. Concentrate on the point between the eyebrows. Feel the wisdom of perceiving life as it is. This path will lead you to a sense of oneness with all life. From this perspective, you will be able to see life from both a spiritual and a worldly perspective. By becoming a witness to your own life, you will stop judging yourself and others, you will find grace, feeling your complete merging with the life stream that is beyond your control. Become aware of the penetration of signals sent to you by intuition.


  • Color: purple, white.
  • Location: on the top of the head.
  • Simovl: purple lotus with infinite petals.
  • Element: light.

Meaning and properties: the Sahasrara chakra is the entrance gate of the Creator’s energy. This is the level of righteousness, the center of a person’s highest aspirations. This is the center of insight This center is developed in units, in the rest it is slightly open and the degree of its opening depends on the level of its spirituality. Sometimes, for a short time, it can open up to a greater extent and a person gets inspiration.

Yogis believe that in the first chakra, in a dormant state, there is the life-giving energy of Kundalini, upon awakening it rises upward, reaches the crown chakra and enlightenment occurs in people. All the righteous who achieve this have a glow around their heads. Hence they called it enlightenment.

If this center is closed, then a person has no striving for spiritual life, improvement, he does not feel unity with the Universe, feels isolation from the World, ceases to be aware of himself and usually suffers from mental disorders. In less pronounced forms, a person suffers from the fear of death, constant headaches, and multiple sclerosis.

Forcibly opening this chakra prematurely leads to schizophrenia, delusional states, drug addiction and mental disorders.

Meditation on the Sahasrara Chakra : Take one last time with a beam of white light all the way to the base of the spine, and then up to the last, crown chakra. Imagine a violet glow bursting out of you and enveloping you. Exhale and fill with this radiance. Realize that you are no longer alone, you are no longer a separate being, you are one with everything. Experience a sense of spiritual protection after merging with the Divine. Exhale while sending the energy of your own existence to the Divine and the world around you.


Now you can go directly to meditation. Choose one chakra with which you will work today, depending on which area of ​​life you are most concerned about at the moment. If you are meditating for the first time, I recommend starting with the root chakra – mooladhara, and then follow in the indicated order svadhisthana – manipura – anahata – vishudha – ajna-sahasrara. Before meditating, be sure to study the description of the chosen chakra.

Take a comfortable position: sitting on the floor in a lotus or half lotus position, on a chair or lying down (remember that your back should be absolutely straight), close your eyes and begin to relax every part of your body, starting from the crown of your head and ending with your feet or in reverse order as you like best. When you are completely relaxed, concentrate your attention on the breathing process. Watch your breathing for a while.

Then imagine a beam of white light going down your spine to the base and then starting to rise. Hold it on the area where the chakra you are interested in is located. Imagine it, think about its location, shape, meaning and properties. Use the meditations given for each chakra.

You may not feel or understand anything in the beginning. But with constant practice, some heaviness, burning or elasticity will begin to be felt in this area. Mentally direct positive energy to this place until the chakra “lights up”, that is, you begin to see it as a bright circle glowing with the corresponding color.

Get out of meditation gradually. First, rub your hands together and apply to your face, feel the warmth, then open your eyes, stay a little longer in this position.

I recommend doing this technique for 20-30 minutes, although for a beginner, 10-15 minutes is enough. At the beginning of your practice, work with one, maximum two chakras in one session. Don’t be in a hurry. When you have practiced this meditation, and you can easily feel all the chakras as luminous and emitting balls, it makes sense to “look through” them all in one session, starting with the first chakra and ending with the seventh, observing the sequence.

Remember that chakra meditation can not only bring you into certain states and develop the necessary qualities, but also instantly influence circumstances in accordance with your goals and objectives.