Ceramic – Meaning of Dream


Ceramic products in your dream, predict that soon you will have an opportunity to go on a long journey and visit the countries that have long been attractive for you.

If your house interior is decorated with ceramic plates on the walls, then you will be able to successfully conduct your financial affairs, and will not know what financial difficulties are.

A beautiful ceramic vase predicts that a dreamer will find a way out of a very difficult and ambiguous situation. His/her quick wit can attract the attention of others and cause their respect.

The exhibition of ceramics that you visit in a dream portends reciprocity in romantic relationships. If you’ve suffered from unrequited love, after this dream, you can count on reciprocal feeling of love.

Broken ceramic jug is a sign that your carelessness will lead to unpleasant consequences and can cause a dangerous situation.

If you were not able to keep a ceramic cup in your hands, and it broke, the dream bodes possible misunderstanding with a partner, which can lead to an unpleasant quarrel. Ceramic sanitary ware is the prediction of life changes, which you are ready for now.

In a dream you have the kitchen utensils made of ceramics, this dream reflects your great ability to create comfort in any situation.

In Miller’s interpretation, if you saw a ceramic vase in a shop and you decided to buy it despite the high price – you will find a reward for your wise behavior that will help you resolve an unpleasant situation. Ceramic plate predicts the optimal solution for some financial problems. You will have the chance to relax in a nice company.

If you received a nice ceramic candle holder as a present, in real life your advantages will be highly appreciated. As a result, you will get very attractive business propositions.



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