Have you ever felt identified with a particular celebrity? Discover today which celebrity shares your zodiac sign and what personality traits you both share.

ARIES: Celebrities born under Aries are usually focused and chic, but also controversial personalities. They are quite talented and have great ability for designing, like: Victoria Beckham and actress Kristen Stewart.

TAURUS: If you are a Taurus you share your sign with actress Megan Fox and the singer Adele. They tend to have a quiet and mysterious personality, but with deep feelings. They are also very refined and enjoy art. However, they can be somewhat arrogant and insensitive.

GEMINI: Gemini’s elegance and diplomacy while facing a scandal has no comparison. They are very sure of themselves, demanding and perfectionist. Because of this, they are seen as leaders, like actresses Nicole Kidman and Natalie Portman.

CANCER: Actress Sofia Vergara and singer – actress Ariana Grande are both Cancer. Since they are outgoing, energetic and eloquent, they love being the center of attention. On the downside, they can be somewhat impulsive.

LEO: Celebrities born under Leo have a dominant character and are very intuitive, but, can be a bit egocentric. They have magnetic personalities and know how to charm people, besides being very attractive. If you are a Leo, your personality might be similar to Mila Kunis and Charlize Theron´s personality.

VIRGO: Virgos are characterized by their good humor and sensuality. They are also very sociable, spontaneous, innovative, adventurous, independent and free. Just like singers Beyoncé and Pink.

LIBRA: Actresses Kate Winslet and Camilla Belle are both born under Libra. They have a very dynamic, cultured, refined, passive and serene personality. Also, they are versatile and achieve whatever they set out do to, and are known for having great style.

SCORPIO: Famous ladies born under Scorpio are known for being spontaneous, cheerful, supportive and very communicative, which makes them stand out. They also possess the great gift of empathy. Actresses Julia Roberts and Scarlett Johansson are perfect examples of this.

SAGITTARIUS: Singer Christina Aguilera and actress Kate Holmes are both Sagittarius. They are characterized for being very talented musically. Also, they are very open-minded, curious, creative and idealistic.

CAPRICORN: Those born under Capricorn are known for having kind and sweet personality, besides of being very creative and witty. They are sensitive and emotional people; just like actresses Kate Middleton and Zooey Deschanel.

AQUARIUS: Actresses Jennifer Aniston and Bonnie Wright are both beautiful and funny. This is one trait of those born under this sign. They are known for being funny, very outgoing and optimistic, but also, eloquent, complex and have eccentric tastes.

PISCES: Although they are seductive by nature, they are also very smart and decisive when choosing their roles. Also, they tend to be controlling and demanding. Actresses Dakota Fanning and Jessica Biel are both Pisces.

Now that you know with which celebrity you share your zodiac sign, you can show off those traits both of you share!