Cavalry – Meaning of Dream


Cavalry in a dream is considered as very auspicious sign that promises a lot of achievements for a dreamer, a great success and execution of several cherished desires. After such a dream, in upcoming future your business will improve, and your personal life will positively change; you will feel truly successful and a happy person.

A dream about a squadron of cavalry in the uniform that quickly rode on a city street or a country road foreshadows significant success at work or in business: you will close an extremely lucrative deal or will occupy a leading position that will be a surprise for everyone.

If you saw cavalry racing across the field to meet the huge enemy army, this dream should be perceived as a warning about the need to slow the progress of your affairs and re-examine, whether you’re doing it well. Perhaps in a hurry you missed something important, and this error can adversely affect the result of the significant matters in future.

According to Miller’s dream book a cavalry division galloping to attack foretells good luck and a dizzying achievements in all spheres of life. Probably, soon you will become a party to random sensational events, and you will be able to benefit from this situation; so you have every chance not only to develop your business and get more revenue, but also to achieve fame and glory in your surroundings.


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