Cats are considered symbols of good luck and its companions emerge fully benefited. Its huge virtues are often manifested through a mysterious and significant care that leads to real coverage and spiritual protection. It is very common to see them in different households around the world as pets and agile family companions. Although more than being harmless animals with faces, they surprisingly drag a powerful protector mystery that makes them remarkable and important.

If we go back in history, in ancient Egypt, the cat was considered a God; in the case that the cat name for this civilization meant the “seeing”. This brought deep meaning to extol and honor through statues and pieces that were placed at the entrances of the houses as a form of protection. For instance, once a cat died, it had to be mummified.

However, in the Middle Ages, during the persecution of witches, were its most faithful companions came under the judgment of death, it was believed that cats had received a magical mystery from them, which somehow made them the Rejected.

While today, the Japanese and Chinese have deposited in a high confidence porting cats as amulets to attract fortune and luck. From there, we can highlight the “Maneki Neko” as a popular cat statue; also known by the name of “Lucky Cat” it is a positive mean for business.


For the Japanese, cats are perfect choice of gift for a couple, especially if they are on their wedding plans; thus giving them good luck; also it is usually gifted or acquired by young unmarried couples who want to get a partner, thus, they adopt them to attract the love of their lives.

In addition to these significant valuable beliefs, consider that the cat is a skilled, strong animal, but very quiet; which is at all times willing to watch for any unusual movements to act; developing a special potential to perceive positive and bad vibes, making it ideal for family care. It is convenient that you adopt a pet and create a connection of ease and fullness, experiencing a pleasant feeling.

You need to stop seeing a cat as a simple pet and understand that it is an excellent means of protection, luck and wonderful care coverage. So, I invite you to experience that connection allowing you to show everything that beautiful kitten has for you.