Cargo – Meaning of Dream


A dream, in which cargo is transported by car, reports on the progress of work in real life.

It is important to consider all the details of dreams: the road on which the car drives, the kind of an auto, what it consists of, goods and so on.

The appearance of a car demonstrates the relationship with spouse (wife). If the car is old, broken, and often stalls, it indicates that family life is rather difficult. The dreamer considers marriage as a weight on own neck, and makes frequent attempts to get rid of it.

If in a dream a person carries a heavy bag, then in reality he/she hides results of a secret act from surroundings.

A dream about cargo will tell a dreamer about reasons of his/her troubles in life. If the load is carried by a familiar person, it bodes that in realty a dreamer is interested resolution of this person’s troubles.

A dream, in which a dreamer can’t leave the premises, because the exit is blocked with some kind of a cargo, tells that at present time there is no solution to some problem.

Loads in a dream always symbolize difficulties experienced in real life.

To see cargo in a dream tells that you try to understand the causes of your problems. The appearance of a load will tell what exactly prevents a person from starting a happy life in the real world.

If you carry some kind of load on your shoulders which is a real burden, you should carefully remember how it looked like and what it consisted of. Load can be represented as an object or animated character.



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