Caramel – Meaning of Dream


A dream, in which you saw caramel, predicts that the coming days will be overshadowed by problems and troubles. If you treated someone with caramel candy, then your relatives or friends will give you a reason for resentment and indignation. Perhaps this conflict is so serious that can ruin your relationship for a long time.

If you enjoy caramel, this is an unfavorable dream predicting either severe fatigue or illness. If you dreamed as a child eating candy, it portends that the problems, which cause inconveniences, will soon be forgotten and life will be back to normal.

If you bought a caramel candy in a dream, you may encounter unforeseen difficulties, and experience anxiety.

If you wanted to arrange a tea ceremony with your friends and bought chocolate, but when you came home, you discovered that it were caramel candies, such a dream warns you of the danger to be trapped. It is possible that your enemies weave a plot to thwart your plans.

If you dreamed of a cake decorated with caramel, it signifies your desire to make a good impression on others, for which you sometimes embellish the details of your life.

In Miller’s dream book a purchase of caramel warns of adverse circumstances. If you eat caramel candy, then you need to relax and rejuvenate. In addition, the dream book treats this dream as a harbinger of disease.

If you dream of a caramel candy in your mouth, it tells that you’re worried about own health. The dream interpretation predicts that your anxiety will be in vain, but only if you timely seek medical assistance. If you see your friends eating caramel, in reality you will face insults on their part, and this will be done by someone from your inner circle. If you dream of a child who regales caramels with pleasure, it is a good sign, predicting improvement in all aspects of life.