Capricorn Woman


December 21 TO January 20

Symbol: The Goat

Slogan: I Build, Therefore I am.


The Capricorn woman, like the Mountain Goat is forever climbing upwards and toward the fulfillment of her goals and objectives.

This is the sign of great ambition, however, it is also the sign that experiences the most powerful sense of social responsibility and personal limitation.

The Capricorn girlís childhood life may not have been the easiest; as she may have felt that the joys and freedom of that time were somehow restricted and/or possibly withheld from her.

It can often take quite a while therefore for the Capricorn woman to come to terms with her feelings and to accept that it is all right for her to express herself or, to find the inner tools that will allow and direct such creative and emotional expression to the right outlets.

Once she has established and has built the path toward her own success however, there will be no stopping the progress of the Capricorn woman.

Over time she will develop and learn how to build upon her concepts and ideas, how to profit from every venture and, how to gain in a material and/or social sense from each of her many experiences.

Capricorn women are prone to build friendships with older people or those in positions superior to herself. Her objectives being to mix among those who can be of help and assist her in her climb to the top of her particular project, job or ambition.

While the Capricorn woman may have commenced her life with little endurance and limited courage, she has the ability to continually learn from her practical contacts in life as to what works and what doesnít.

The result is, that at the end-of-the-day, she will ultimately achieve a victorious result. For the Capricorn woman, itís the later years of her life that are often the best.


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The Capricorn woman holds some very fixed ideas on investment strategy and is certainly not a person to waste or dismiss resources.

She is very conservative financially and will invest more into secure and sound investments where she can watch such investments grow in value steadily.

In the main Capricorn girls are quite status conscious and will enjoy wearing quality designer clothes, eating in the fine restaurants and staying in the best hotels. She is not brazen, however, and holds preference for the tasteful over the blatantly showy.

The Capricorn woman is a girl who will work hard to earn and obtain her position and possessions and a girl who will take, and rightly so, pride in her achievements.


Capricorn is a very practical sign and to the Capricorn woman marriage and any other forms of committed relationships are usually viewed and considered from several perspectives. Their consideration will not be limited to just the areas of the physical or the emotional attraction.

This girl will certainly look with favor upon a person who, while they may be physically less attractive, they are ambitious and hardworking. Such person will certainly rank in preference to someone who, while they might be good looking, are totally lacking in ambition or, are downright lazy.

There are some Capricorn girls who can be cool in their heart and head but very passionate in terms of her body and, girls of this nature find no difficulty at all in a relationship that is purely based upon the physical.

The Capricorn women relates well with those of the sign Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. They can establish good friendships with those of sign Libra and, quite often become involved in very important relationships with those of sign Cancer.

The most difficult sign relationships for the Capricorn woman are those of Aries, Leo, Gemini, and Sagittarius.