Capricorn Horoscope


Capricorn Horoscope
Date range: December 22 – January 19
Day: Saturday
Color: Black, Brown, Grey
Element: Earth
Most compatible with: Virgo, Taurus

Strength and Weakness

Strengths – The biggest strength of a Capricorn is his discipline. Capricorn has big ambitions and with the determination to overcome any obstacles just to get that goal, the Capricorn has the discipline needed. Most Capricorn has large ambition and they are determined for it, they don’t care if it will take a long time for the goal and they have the patience. Capricorn is also very reliable partner for both work and as a friend.

Weaknesses – Because Capricorn has set up a very high goal, they usually are not willing to be involved in something that is not going to give them some benefit. Aside from their selfishness, Capricorn is also known to be overly ambitious and will do anything to achieve the goal, even though some of the actions means other’s people peril. Other negative trait of a Capricorn is their unwillingness to show emotion in front of people, making it difficult to get close to.

Capricorn Relationship with People

As a friend, it is pretty difficult to get a Capricorn best friend because Capricorn is not known to be very expressive and it is hard to know what a Capricorn has in mind, but if a Capricorn manages to get a best friend, then he will be loyal and will do anything to help his friend. They are faithful to their friend and will stand by his side when problem arise, being a friend of a Capricorn isn’t easy too, as Capricorn still find it difficult to open up the feelings even with the best friend.

As a father, in family a Capricorn is known for being very strict to his kids. Capricorn father cares a lot for their kids and will always thinking about the kid’s future, and to make sure that his kids will have a good life in the future, he will make sure that the kids are disciplined right from a young age. This usually creates some misunderstanding due to the fact that the kids suffer from less freedom and can cause rifts in the family.

As a mother, a Capricorn mother is pretty similar as a Capricorn father, she will be strict to her children but that is with no ill intentions. Capricorn mother loves her children and she will be strict to make sure that her children will not grow up into irresponsible citizens. Similar case to the Capricorn father, a Capricorn mother should give some freedom for her children or else it might cause a problem for the family.

As children, in family a Capricorn is a child with few words and emotions, they are not known to be expressive and it’s kind of difficult to know what they are thinking. Even the parents won’t be able to get 100% what their Capricorns children is thinking, so the parents need to be supportive of their Capricorn kid. Capricorn children is known to be hard working and discipline, they loves their family and will always be available when a family member needs them.

Capricorn Sex and Love

Capricorn is ambitious, but they are also determined and disciplined, these traits make Capricorn for a good manager. Some other field of career which is best for Capricorn includes education, finances and real estate. Having Capricorn employees is great because Capricorn is a professional who committed in the job, hard working and success is the only thing on his mind.

Positives Qualities


Capricorn set a high goal for himself and will do anything to achieve than and gain his financial stability.


Everything that a Capricorn does, it will do it with extreme calculation and caution.


Capricorn is a professional who will do anything with their full power, they will gives their all even in a small project.


Capricorn is intelligent and will use his knowledge every time it’s required; their practical approach is thanks to their logical way of thinking.


Capricorn will do anything for their goal, even though it will take years.


Capricorn is a professional who will not be easily swayed by emotions or outside interference.

Negatives Qualities


It is difficult to get to know what a Capricorn is thinking; it makes it harder to get close to a Capricorn.


They will not be willing to listen to advice once they have made up their minds on something.

Self Centered

Capricorn will not be willing to do something that is not beneficial to his cause.


Capricorn tendency for having a mood swing does not help the relationship between him and other people.


Capricorn has a hard time opening up to people and loves to be left alone.


They will always thinks about the negatives first whenever something happened.

How to Make Capricorn Women Attracted to You

It is difficult to get close to a Capricorn woman, you will need to be able to make her laugh and is able to think a lot of fun talk topic. Be patience and never push her into a relationship, Capricorn women hates to be pushed and will leave immediately if she gets turn off, Capricorn woman tends to love intelligent man and be the center of the relationship.

How to Make Capricorn Men Attracted to You

Capricorn man has great ambitions and relationship is not a priority, so patience is also a key. You need to be supportive to his ambition and shows that you cares, Capricorn man loves someone who understand his ambition and shares similar goals. Capricorn man is hard to understand and will not be willing to open up, a high level of understanding is needed, but a Capricorn man in a relationship is one of the most faithful partners that you can have.