Capricorn and Leo Compatibility

Capricorn and Leo — signs-antagonists, belonging to the elements, which in astrology are considered unfriendly. The first belongs to the earth, the second to the fire. Two strong and strong-willed leaders, striving to become the main ones in the environment they are rotating. Therefore, if they meet in one place, then either imbued with mutual interest and respect, or push off, experiencing mutual contempt. Capricorn, like his native element, is emotionally balanced and stable: he tries to plan his life in advance, so he lives on a clear plan. The fire sign adores freedom and does not tolerate any restrictions; it is kind and generous, but very vain.

The earthly sign is controlled by Saturn, considered the most cruel god in ancient mythology. He is responsible for karma and constantly subjects his charges to various tests. Therefore, Capricorns are firm in their decisions, assertive in their actions, rely on logic and rationalism, and also have a cool heart. Leo is protected by the Sun, making him the most brilliant and charismatic representative of the horoscope. He radiates incredible heat, which attracts numerous people to him. The fire sign is strong, bold and charming. Both are striving for a good financial situation and high status, are building a career, surround themselves with beautiful things and a worthy environment. Each of them chooses a partner for himself, and will not communicate with unworthy people.

Capricorn and Leo Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Capricorn and Leo

The good compatibility of Capricorn and Leo will be based on the love of material wealth and the desire to implement joint plans. They have something to learn from each other: the first will show the benefits of diligence and discipline, the second will show how you can enjoy life and have fun in a secular society. If they see all the benefits of their partnership and sincerely try to understand the individuality of the comrade, then their union promises to become strong and powerful.

Capricorn refers to the cardinal signs of the zodiac, and Leo — fixed: the horoscope predicts for their pair a violent activity literally on all fronts. But the first focuses on one thing, brings the idea to its logical conclusion, allows himself to rest well and again sets himself a goal. And the second one can grab hold of several cases at the same time, but because of the lack of time, he does not have time to fulfill all his plans. Moreover, the Leo lives more spontaneously and sometimes performs reckless actions, and Capricorn never deviates from his clear plan of action. Horoscope of compatibility of Capricorn with Leo is ambiguous: they will either appreciate each other and, combining their best qualities, create a successful tandem, or between them there will be a rivalry that can turn them into competitors or even enemies.

Capricorn and Leo Business Compatibility

Compatibility Capricorn and Leo in work is also twofold. Provided that both forget about ambitions and unite for the sake of a common goal, their joint activities will become very effective. Leo works on the principle of “profitable-unprofitable”, which means that he is ready even to change the scope of activity after seeing its uselessness. And Capricorn stubbornly digs in one place, confident that sooner or later he will succeed. In business, both want to be the main ones, they can suppress each other, insisting on their own. In fact, everyone wants to become the sole manager, and two bosses in the same chair will never sit.

The good compatibility of Capricorn with Leo in friendship is quite possible, but it becomes only after a certain period. The former initially appreciates and respects such a bright comrade and his interesting ideas. But the second can long use the landmark for the sake of achieving their interests, and get real sympathy for him much later.

Capricorn and Leo Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Capricorn and Leo in love is quite high, at least for the first time. As a rule, both signs appear to be self-confident, well-groomed, beautiful and rich. They will find each other worthy of the chosen ones and a fascinating process of mutual knowledge will begin. Capricorn is more often silent, speaks briefly and on business that very much suits the proud Leo, whose language is suspended highly. The king of beasts demonstrates the full shine of his mane and tail, and a distrustful partner, blinded by feelings, of course, believes him. Their visits will be beautiful and expensive, gifts exclusive and luxurious. Everyone will want to subdue the chosen one, and the broad gestures of Capricorn go from the heart and are aimed at the pleasure of the partner, and Leo does it all to amuse his bloated ego, receiving admiration and recognition in return.

Further, the level of compatibility of Capricorn with Leo in relations will rapidly fade. Emotions will abate, the hormonal background will return to normal and lovers will finally consider each other without rose-colored glasses. Serious Capricorn will find out that fiery speeches of the chosen one do not always correspond to reality, and his words diverge from the case. This can greatly disappoint the earthly sign, for him the responsibility and diligence of the beloved person is extremely important, otherwise how then to build a trusting relationship? The Leo, in turn, will become jealous of Capricorn because of his secrecy and emotional coldness. Both will claim the primacy in their pair, zealously defending their opinion. At this point they will have to seek compromises and make concessions, otherwise their union is doomed.

Capricorn and Leo Sexual Compatibility

Capricorn and Leo compatibility in bed is difficult, but possible. The sign of fire loves sex and is a passionate, active, but demanding lover. But Capricorn does not put the intimate part of life in the priorities and refers to it only as one of the ways to get physical pleasure. His movements are mechanical and aimed at a natural physiological discharge. The representative of Saturn does not experience special feelings. Leo everywhere tries to assert himself, in bed, including. Therefore, it is important for him that the whole action revolves around his person.

Capricorn seems to the partner too clamped and conservative. He does not accept any departure from the classics and may find the light present in the room during sexual intercourse for perversion. On the real erotic games and experiments do not have to say: after hearing such a proposal, the sign of the earth will be surprised and most likely will turn a finger at the temple. It remains a hope that over time he will be able to relax and become more open outside the bedroom door.

Capricorn and Leo Family Compatibility

The Capricorn with Leo compatibility in marriage is considered astrologers very low. Formally registered relations have little chance to become a strong and stable union that can last for a long time. The reason for the disappointing verdict is the different nature of the couple. Leo loves society, the gleam of soffits and enthusiastic applause. In his everyday life, he does little, because such work is not for the royal person: he considers himself destined for love and luxury. Capricorn, on the contrary, perceives his house and family as the highest values ​​and will zealously try to improve his everyday life.

Both signs are careerists and, as a rule, are able to earn good money, but they dispose of them each in their own way. Capricorn is dragging everything into the house, he is efficient and feels much calmer when his bank account is solid enough. Leo is ready to spend the last on himself a loved one, without experiencing any remorse. Compatibility Capricorn and Leo in the family life is disappointing, because even their free time they prefer to spend differently: the representative of the Sun rips to visit or to the disco, and his spouse will do something useful and just read the book. Thus, in order for the relationship to bring comfort and pleasure, the spouses will have to do very well: throw back their ambitions and sacrifice something of value.