Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility

The partnership of Capricorn and Aquarius can hardly be called successful, as they are very different. Their elements — earth and air respectively — are considered unfriendly in astrology, at least they do not exert any positive influence on each other. Capricorn strives for stability, plannedness in everything and a solid financial basis. He is serious, stable in its manifestations and is highly practical. In his actions he relies on rationality and logic, not attaching importance to feelings and emotions. Aquarius, on the contrary, is often reckless and can not boast of constancy. Like all representatives of the air element, he is intelligent, fully developed and has creative thinking.
Unlike Capricorn, he avoids conservatism and gravitates toward everything new and unknown, listening to his heart.

Capricorn refers to the cardinal signs, Aquarius — fixed. This means that both are very active in their life activity, they are quite stubborn and self-confident on their way to their goal. The main difficulty in their partnership is that the Earth sign considers the partner to be too irresponsible and changeable, and the latter about Capricorn may have an opinion as a mean, boring and boring person.

The difference between natures and characters leads to mutual misunderstanding and claims. If the signs are not interested in their cooperation, it is unlikely that they will have a cloudless future — this applies to any sphere.

Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Capricorn and Aquarius

Compatibility Capricorn and Aquarius is low, despite the fact that they have a common planet-leader — Saturn, giving his wards a cold feeling and increased efficiency. But Aquarius has another second, heavenly body influencing him — Uranus. He softens the tight energy of Saturn and gives his sign creativity of the look and creative component. Uniting, these representatives of the horoscope form an interesting team, based on the severity and unusual. Capricorn will demonstrate all the charms of discipline: how you can improve your results, thanks to strict self-control. An Aquarius will teach him to dream, relax and enjoy life not only through work.

Thus, the horoscope of compatibility of Capricorn with Aquarius does not give an unambiguous forecast about the success of their union. The sign of the earth carefully chooses its surroundings: its relatives are decent, loyal and worthy people, usually having high status. Can this reckless, unpredictable Aquarius get into this society depends on what mood the stars will have at the time of their meeting. The representative of the air element can also behave differently: to become interested in a profitable party in the person of confident Capricorn or to escape, recognizing in him an uncompromising controller and a bore.

Capricorn and Aquarius Business Compatibility

Compatibility Capricorn and Aquarius in work, perhaps, the highest of all types of relationships. Here they perfectly combine their different qualities. Aquarius boils with grandiose ideas and is an insistent, executive employee. Capricorn is decisive, but first always thinks before doing something. The sign of the earth notices even the smallest details that can influence the course of the whole matter. He is also an excellent strategist and organizer. Both gain in this partnership more confidence: Capricorn — thanks to the optimism of the colleague, and the sign of the air, trusting a balanced and calm comrade.

Compatibility Capricorn with Aquarius in friendship can also be quite beneficial. Capricorn has few friends with really. All his friends, in one way or another, are of some use to him. And in this case, Aquarius will serve him as an excellent source of inspiration for new ideas that will help achieve Capricorn’s personal and career growth. The representative of the air also will not remain “hungry”, because such a strong, intelligent and sensible partner as Capricorn will teach and guide the way, telling the best solution in a difficult situation.

Capricorn and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility in love is beneficial, but with a reservation — in the first time of their relationship. The representative of the earthly element behaves so stately, proudly and secretly, which causes the partner great interest and the need for his solution. By the way, Aquarius loves to know the inner world of people and therefore very sociable. He is sure to be fascinated by the power, generosity and nobility of the chosen one, and he will also dream up from above, since he has a wide imagination. Capricorn also likes good and cheerful Aquarius: with it the sign of the earth can feel not so tense and serious. They will be happy with each other and will not notice the flaws while the love spells act.

But, as it happens, the passions subside, and with it the glasses of pink glasses fade. Partners will see the real faces of each other, and between them there will be many mutual claims. Capricorn is jealous and wants full subordination of his lover, so he will try to control it and limit it in too active communication. Aquarius is a freedom-loving, spontaneous and creative nature. For a while he, of course, will sit quietly next to Capricorn, but sooner or later he will start kicking and defending his right to privacy and space. Such a confrontation will lead to a deterioration in the compatibility of Capricorn with Aquarius in the relationship. The first will not be able to hold the restless elect forever, and the second will get tired of listening to eternal notations and criticism.

Capricorn and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius in bed will require them to make mutual efforts to be comfortable and satisfying both. Their temperaments are different, which can not but postpone their imprint in the intimate sphere. Capricorn is a conservative to the ends of the hair. He is satisfied with a rare sex “in the old manner” with the lights off and strictly under the blanket. His sensuality is frozen, therefore intimate life does not play for him an overvalued role and is perceived by him only as a way to get physical pleasure.

Aquarius loves sex and strives for diversity in it through experimentation. For him in the intimate sphere there are no conventions, he is ready for much for the sake of bright emotions and sensations. Unfortunately, his actions Capricorn can perceive for “abnormality” and perversion. To come to a common denominator, lovers need to negotiate. If their relationship lasts long enough, the sign of the earth can reveal itself and demonstrate its passion. This will happen, provided that the representative of Uranus is madly in love and agrees to wait as long as required.

Capricorn and Aquarius Family Compatibility

If these two decided to register their relationship, then their feelings are really strong and passed a huge test. And all the same, the compatibility of Capricorn with Aquarius in marriage will remain complicated, since no one has completely changed his nature yet. Work on themselves is their entire remaining life together. Sociability and optimism of Aquarius will help them both to establish their relationships and make them comfortable.

Despite the obvious differences, they will be interested together, because the signs look at the world from different angles, which means that they have something to share with each other. Prone to melancholy and depression, Capricorn will become more open and cheerful next to an optimistic spouse. A reckless uranium will gain more confidence, solidity and grow from a disobedient child into an adult responsible person. Thus, the compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius in family life has every chance of being good, provided that both want it.