Cancer Woman


June 22 TO July 22

Symbol: The Crab

Slogan: I Feel, therefore I am.

Cancer is the sign that is most closely linked with the home and the family and, in particular, it holds a strong association with one’s mother.

By their nature most Cancer’s retain a very powerful link to their past so, if there were profound hurts during their childhood resulting from a mother-child relationship that may not have been particularly close or nurturing, then the Cancer can mature into a somewhat needy individual emotionally.

Alternatively, if their former stages of life are healthy, happy and well founded, then there is every  likelihood that the Cancer the Crab girl will mature into an emotionally healthy and stable individual

Once healed from any earlier life unhappy or painful experiences, the Cancer woman can become a superb provider of support and emotional strength to all and everyone around her.

The Cancer woman is a born collector. She has quite a nostalgic and sentimental personality with a strong memory that never forgets. As example she will retain memories from her distant past; the smell of her fathers aftershave perfume or flowers from her first real date and; it’s unlikely that she will ever forget a face.

The home is the center of the Cancer woman’s life and her family and children are the very center of her cares and concerns. When you become a close friend to the Cancer girl she will look upon and you and treat you as one of the family.  Alternatively, hurt or offend her and you could be viewed as an enemy.


The Cancer woman will tend to hoard and take care with her money. Her principal concern centers upon security and, as result she is more than likely to very careful and somewhat tight-fisted when it comes to her financial resources

On a non-monetary plane, the Cancer woman will be quite generous; need some clothes, the use of a car, a home to call your own for a while—no problem!.

The Cancer girl favors conservative mutual funds or real estate as the most comfortable ways to invest and, while she might live somewhat frugally she can always be counted upon to have a quite nest egg put aside  “just in case.”


In her relationships the Cancer Woman is very private, personal, cozy, loving, gentle, and exceedingly intimate. Once this girl has given her heart then her commitment to the relationship tends to be total.

The Cancer woman has a deep inner world, a world filled with considerable compassion and under standing. In order to become part of that inner world one has to prove one’s trustworthiness.

Unlike some other signs the Cancer woman may well readily accept you into her sphere of life however, should you betray or let her down then she is unlikely to ever completely forget or forgive your actions. A Cancer woman tends to hold on to things, feelings, and people.

The Cancer woman is a very faithful and giving lover, however at times she can become quite irrational and moody and on these occasions the best course of action is to let her be alone until such mood swings pass..

The Cancer woman inherently knows what will make another person happy so just allow her the time and the space to bestow her gifts to you.