Cancer Horoscope


Cancer Horoscope
Date range: June 21 – July 22
Day: Thursday and Monday
Color: White and Orange
Element: Water
Most compatible with: Pisces and Scorpio

Strength and Weakness

Strengths – The biggest strength that Cancer-born people have is their ability to look after others. It is the best strength because indeed they are born as people who have high empathy with others and they will find no problems when they have to adapt. Others who are taken care of by Cancer people should have no worries because they can trust Cancer for real.

Weaknesses – Cancer-born people can easily feel anxious because it is easy for them to get haunted by certain past events. Aside from the anxiousness that brings them fear in the future, they have some selfishness and clinginess. Another weakness that may annoy others is how temperamental Cancer people are.

Cancer Relationship with People

As friends, the Crabs are very loyal and devoted. They are known to be attached to their friends and it is not only when the friendship have happy moments only. Cancer people will always be there for the friends who need their help. They will always gladly to help and this becomes one of the reasons why they have many friends. However, they are really sensitive friends so when being friends with them, be careful with the words; they can hurt easily when their friends say harsh words.

As parents, the Crabs will really be caring towards their children and they will shower their kids with lots of affection for sure. No matter what happen, they hardly get angry at their kids because they are in real life would be so attached to them. In disciplining their children and guiding them to the right directions, Cancer parents won’t use harsh words because they will never hurt their sweethearts. Children with Cancer parents should be proud and love their parents so much because their parents will always get their back even when the kids go to the wrong direction; the parents will go firmer but won’t be that harsh.

The Cancer mothers will always be loving and soft-hearted and they will not ever feel hesitant to pour their love to their children just like how they usually hang out with friends and look after them. It seems like Cancer parents would be protective enough over their kids but it is nothing to worry about because it is the sign that they care about their kids and they won’t ever let something bad happen and harm them. Every necessary comfort that are needed by their children will be fulfilled and they will always give their best at parenting even though when it comes to their children, they might be over-anxious sometimes.

As children, Cancer-born people are always sincere in loving their parents and they have a high devotion to them; that is why they will definitely obey their parents’ guides very well. They will do their best in making their parents feel proud of them. However, they are possible to go to the wrong path if their parents often hurt and use harsh words to them as they are sensitive. They can easily put themselves on frustration and depression when there are some circumstances that are not like what they expect, especially if their parents do not treat them well.

As superiors at work, Cancer people will always take care of their employees because they are soft-hearted making him more popular among workers. When meeting their employees, they would like to motivate them and give them encouragement. They are very amiable and they have no doubt to provide everything needed for their employees to work better, like by providing them the facilities they need. They want their employees to work much more productively and efficiently. They know best that the ones that are more productive at work are the employees that are always contented and happy when working.

Cancer Sex and Love

Cancer Career

Cancer-born people are good at working because they have a steady performance and they are always responsible over something they work on. They can finish their works in the way how the work supposed to be finished. They are ambitious and this quality that can help them to achieve what they have been dreaming of. They can easily reach their goals because they have a strong commitment and ambition. Whatever the homework, they will always do it well. Although they are known to be introverted and shy, their responsibility is no joke; even when they have to attend some meetings, they are well-prepared.

Careers that will be great for the Crabs’ future will include journalist, politician, gardener, housekeeper, and nurse. It is because they have higher sensitivity and persistency in doing their work. They will barely be seen abandon their work because they think that they need to do the job until finish successfully. Their boss should have no worries because even when they are left to work alone, their performance stays the same as when they are monitored. Speaking of work, both money and security are two essential things for them, but they do not think twice when spending their money.

It is easy for them to earn money, but they are a bit improvident because they do not think much before spending money. Despite that thing, Cancer people are able to manage their money and time very well. They are excellent at work because they have high imagination and intuition. To stay positive with conscious efforts should be done by them so that their potential can be exploited to the maximum level.

Positive Qualities


People around Cancer-born will be respected and admired the most by the Crabs. Not only people living near the Cancer, even the ones who are far away have opportunities to get affection and love from them.


Generous and faithful are two best things that are possessed by Cancer people. They care about others without expecting much in return.


They have imaginative power so they can anytime and anywhere have ideas popped up in their mind. It is not simple ideas that they usually have.

Negative Qualities


They can easily feel hurt and any setbacks can be carried along with themselves. Due to this nature, there are unsettling conditions that can be created.


Clingy is a characteristic of Cancer-born people having which is considered as a typical one; it is simply because they are not that easy letting go of something or someone.


It can be a problem for other people around the Cancer-born because they cannot be predicted as they have mood swings; this moody thing can even make them temperamental.

How to Make Cancer Women Attracted to You

To make Cancer women look at you, you need to always respect them and when you have a chance to have a good relationship with them, being honest and faithful is the key to win their heart. They won’t forgive any kind of betrayal things so hope you do not get too far by betraying them. Cancer women would like to meet someone romantic and they will be impressed by a man who believes in true love. If you are not serious and just want to have a one-night sex experiment, they are not for you.

Take the initiative because they are not type of women who would like to make the first move. Once you get closer to them, you will find how loyal and passionate they are and that is the reason why you need to consider them being your partner. As they cannot fall in love easily and are known to be conservative, you need to be patient. They are actually home-loving and erotic at the same time, so in the end, you will have your rewards when they finally open their heart to you.

How to Make Cancer Men Attracted to You

Cancer men need a woman who is brave enough to take the initiative as they do not like to get rejected and they may get depressed as soon as a woman rejects them. They are known to be shy and sensitive so it is better that you make the first move and ensure them that they are safe when going out with you. A woman that has an image of the ideal mother and wife is the one that will make them attracted the most and it means they might also fall for a woman who has a feminine figure.

Being expressive when it comes to emotions will also make them attracted to you since they have overemotional quality. They will be happy if they get lots of affection from a woman, so it is better if you can give some compliments and nice words about his style, his appearance, and his skills for example. However, do not be surprised if they are clingy, pessimistic and moody, you need to put extra efforts when approaching them by being patient and understanding as once you have a commitment with them, Cancer men are loyal, spontaneous and generous.