Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio are the fourth and eighth signs on the zodiacal circle and refer to the same nature element — water. This fact contributes to the fact that they feel each other on an intuitive level and can distinguish among the crowd. In the astrological world, this zodiac pair is considered harmonious: their union will be successful in almost all life spheres. Partners are attracted in some mysterious way, which has no explanation. They see a lot of shortcomings in each other, but none of them try to fight them and most often take for granted.

None of the partners are not striving for the championship, do not fight for leadership in the pair: the relationship magically build themselves. They have one for two negative quality — it is rancor and a desire to take revenge. But they show it differently: Cancers are offended and close in their chitin, forcing the offender, thus, to suffer from feelings of guilt and shame. Scorpio prefers an active method: can long nurture the insidious plan of revenge, which, as you know, it is better to serve in a cold form. And revenge signs can not only enemies, but in extreme cases and close people, including.

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Cancer and Scorpio

Compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio is considered ideal, as they see each other in their mirror reflections. Cancer is governed by the Moon, endows it with emotional instability, which is expressed in the frequent change of mood from joy to spleen. He is shy and sometimes not confident in his abilities, he prefers to keep a stronger ally in order to feel protected. All this can give him a Scorpio, who is the charge of just two planets! The influence of Mars makes Scorpio’s nature bright and passionate, and Pluto endows him with power and firmness. Fusing in a pair, the energy of sensuality, passion and power, create interesting and beautiful relationships.

In this pair Cancer is a cardinal sign, and Scorpio is fixed: this means that if they want something, they will necessarily achieve what they want at any cost. But if a dispute arises between them, it will result in a real idea, where both will manipulate each other’s feelings in order to leave the choice right for themselves. At least until Cancer changes his mood, or Scorpio does not pretend that he agreed with a partner. And yet, the horoscope of compatibility of Cancer with Scorpio promises strong, stable relationships full of fidelity and mutual understanding. Signs of water have deep natures, so they can learn each other all their lives. They can be good friends, passionate lovers or have a fruitful working union.

Cancer and Scorpio Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio in the work is fruitful: signs perfectly understand each other and bring each task to a logical conclusion and obtain a result. The ward of the Moon is able to create creative ideas, which in the future can become successful projects. Scorpions in the work process are more active, but they need to watch their language, so as not to offend the delicate Cancer by accident with a sharp word. And the latter, in turn, needs to exercise wisdom in order not to notice joking injections of a partner.

Compatibility of Cancer with Scorpio in friendship can be called unique, as the relationship between them is really sincere and real. They understand each other with half-words and half-looks, they always have something to chat about and shut up. Both signs are ambitious, so there will never be any queries between them, let alone lies. This friendship most often connects people for many years. They cherish each other and come to the rescue in any situation. This is the case when there is a spiritual closeness between friends that can not be destroyed.

Cancer and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Getting acquainted, partners immediately feel an invisible attraction between themselves and show an unprecedented interest to each other. Both are careful and therefore will for a while look closely at the lover, studying his inner qualities and potential possibilities. These signs are serious about the choice of a partner, and so the relationship is in a hurry — this is not about them. Compatibility of Cancer with Scorpio in the relationship is at a high level, thanks to the mutual trust that arises between them almost immediately. The ward of Mars and Pluto by nature is a great owner and jealous. But in this case these qualities are not so obvious, because Cancer is given to the relationship completely and does not cause any doubts about its fidelity and reliability.

Cancer likes that the partner treats him passionately and sensually. In turn, he envelops Scorpio with his warmth, tenderness and care. Both feel important and valuable, it makes compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio in love very beneficial. The moon sign has a subtle spiritual organization, which is often difficult for others to understand, sometimes it can not even understand itself and suffers on this ground. Scorpio is the partner who is able to feel his condition, thanks to his intuition and mystical connection existing between them. Cancer, in turn, is also endowed with the ability to empathy — can put itself in the place of another and understand its needs.

Cancer and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

As sexual partners, the signs suit each other by a thousand and one percent, so it’s safe to say that the compatibility of Cancer with Scorpio in bed is ideal. Wards of the Moon — a very sensual and passionate nature, appreciates in sex quality, not quantity. In pursuit of vivid sensations, he connects all his imagination, gushing with unusual ideas, capable of decorating his intimate life with bright colors and new impressions.

Scorpio suits him like no other, as well as not a fan of idle, boring sex. Sometimes, carried away by sexual pleasures, he can go in his actions to the border, beyond which loom perversions. And then the reaction of Cancer will depend on his personal characteristics and individual horoscope. Those who are more brave will support the ideas of the partner, and then they are both awaited by previously unknown impressions and sensations. Another representative of Cancer can be frightened by such extravagant behavior of a partner. In this case, the partners will have to negotiate and expose their limits.

Cancer and Scorpio Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio in marriage is very favorable: they can create a strong, financially strong and prosperous family. Scorpio is good at earning money, Cancer is able to preserve and increase the accumulated capital. Trust and mutual understanding prevail in their relationship, they stand for each other with a mountain and, someone who dares to break their idyll, can greatly regret it. Both zealously guard their tandem, which causes admiration, and sometimes envy from the outside. If water signs come to a decision to legitimize their relationship, then their feelings are really real and deep, because for both families the family has the highest value.

Scorpio has a more solid and confident character than his partner, but over the years he will stop resisting and learn to listen to the advice of Cancer, which although less confident, but often turns out to be wiser. The ward of the Moon, in turn, will find alongside a strong and reliable spouse a sense of security and security, which will make him more active and confident in his abilities. The compatibility of Cancer with Scorpio in family life will only grow stronger from year to year, especially with the appearance of offspring adored by both parents. Divorces in such pairs are a rare extreme phenomenon caused by insurmountable circumstances.