Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

Cancer and Gemini belong to the uncombining elements — water and air, respectively. In connection with which their tandem will be filled with frictions and conflicts arising from the difference in their temperaments and outlook on life. Cancer is a sensitive and vulnerable nature, so his mood changes very often and unexpectedly. By nature, he is an introvert and often can go into himself to reflect on life. It can also close inside its shell if a danger or an uncertain situation looms before it. The sign of water always strives for stability and tranquility. To feel safe, he chooses for himself a stronger and more confident partner who can stand up for both if necessary.

Gemini for this role is hardly suitable. The changeable sign of air differs dreaminess, impermanence in words and deeds. He can change his decision several times a day for no reason. This is clearly not associated with stability and does not inspire confidence in the partner. The air element is used to being free, it is impossible to either limit or hold it in your hands. Similarly, Gemini behaves in a relationship: feeling constraints and bans partner, they rush to break uncomfortable ties. Cancer needs confidence in the partner’s faithfulness, in the future, which Gemini can not provide them.

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Cancer and Gemini

The compatibility of Cancer and Gemini is below the average: it is possible, but it will require great effort on both sides. Such a pair is doomed to an eternal confrontation, since none of them can satisfy their leading needs in this tandem. Gemini will never give up their external and internal freedom, they will not exchange the idea of ​​their whole life about self-realization in society for the interests of another person or family. He eats emotions and impressions, and they can not be received infinitely sitting in the same place. Gemini do not really understand the feelings of other people and are more concerned with themselves — with what they feel while being close to someone.

Cancers, by contrast, tend to create strong and lasting relationships in any area of ​​life. Casual encounters and connections do not suit him either in love, in friendship, or in work. They prefer to have nearby not so many close, but time-tested people. Those for whom the sign of water is able to make sacrifices and expects the same from them. Different views on life, on people and on relationships with them do not promote the unity of signs, and therefore the horoscope of compatibility of Cancer with Gemini does not promise them anything rosy. They can co-exist in situations that do not require the fulfillment of mutual obligations and do not imply the existence of a trust relationship.

Cancer and Gemini Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Gemini in work corresponds to a low level. Gemini work only by inspiration and only where they are interested. Cancers are more executive, but often slow with important decisions, distracted by the world of their fantasies. More or less they can work together where it is necessary to create something new and unusual: they will cope with this task perfectly because of the creative thinking. But if they are entrusted with a project that needs to be carried out from the stage of sketch creation to the successful implementation of life, it is unlikely that the signs will please the authorities. Organizational skills, ability to plan effectively, follow step-by-step instructions — all these actions will cause difficulties for both, and the matter will simply fall apart.

A different pace of life reduces the compatibility of Cancer and Gemini in friendship to almost zero. The first do not like rushing, prefer quiet pursuits and hobbies, like a measured and calming rest. An air sign is a hurricane, it needs to constantly spin a whirlwind, it can not sit still. He needs a constant change of places, people and impressions. Cancer for him seems boring and dull. Gemini, in turn, do not contribute to their violent behavior calm and a sense of protection of Cancer.

Cancer and Gemini Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Cancer and Gemini in love leaves much to be desired and the reason for this is a different attitude towards partnership. Cancers tend to create a stable, trusting alliance. He will not run from one partner to another, choosing between potential candidates. Getting acquainted with the person, the water sign will look at him for a long time, and if strong feelings emerge on his side, then Cancer will cling to his chosen one with a death grip. Gemini can not boast of constancy in love relationships: most often they are guided by impulsive feelings. He will be in a pair until he receives vivid emotions and pleasant impressions. The family does not carry a vital value for them. On the other hand, Gemini can remain in uncomfortable relationships if he gets some personal gain. At the same time, they will not be able to swear allegiance.

At the beginning of the acquaintance, the signs will attract each other: both are endowed with a rich imagination and can fantasize about a partner that does not correspond to reality. Cancer will appear to the Gemini as a mysterious person, which they will very much like to reveal. The Gemini will draw the water element by their eccentricity. They are both great romantics and dreamers, and therefore their candy-flowers period will be filled with pleasant deeds and gifts. The low compatibility of Cancer with Gemini in the relationship will begin to manifest at a time when euphoria will fade. Cancer is not mysterious, but capricious and boring, and Gemini — windy and irresponsible.

Cancer and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

But the compatibility of Cancer with Gemini in bed, despite many contradictions, is at a very high level. Both signs have romantic, dreamy natures and like to fantasize not only in everyday life, but also in the bedroom, including. In sexual life, they love diversity and gladly embody their erotic fantasies under the blanket. Cancer for life is modest and restrained, but getting into an intimate space with a loved one becomes a completely different personality — open and active. Gemini, from the very beginning, do not differ in excessive modesty — they are always ready to search for new impressions and emotions.

Signs do not differ strongly expressed desire for competition, and therefore in bed can alternately give reins in the hands of a partner. It only enhances pleasant sensations and emotions. They are also united by the desire for quality sex, which will really bring pleasure to both, and will not look like an obligatory program in a joint life. The only difficulty in bed — can become the emotional demands of Cancer, a representative of the water element wants to be sure of the reciprocity of feelings and openness of the partner.

Cancer and Gemini Family Compatibility

The level of compatibility of Cancer and Gemini in a marriage can rise to a high level, but only over time. Young, mentally unstable individuals are unlikely to stand strong and stable tandem due to their inexperience and juvenile maximalism. There are too many contradictions between them, which require a long lapping. Work on relationships is to sharpen sharp corners by effectively solving conflict situations. This is possible for more mature people who know themselves and are ready to learn the inner person of another person.

The stumbling block in the relationship of these elements remains the inability to meet their vital desires: Cancer needs security, Gemini — freedom. Cancer can trust a partner only if he abandons his egoism and desire for freedom, learns to understand and make concessions. The sign of water must learn to control its emotions and open more to the world, and also weaken the grip of its claws, which it keeps the spouse. Only in this case, the compatibility of Cancer with Gemini in family life will prove fruitful and stable.