Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

On the zodiacal circle Cancer and Aquarius occupy the fourth and eleventh place respectively: different parity and squares of location indicate their difficult compatibility. This is also evidenced by the inconsistency of the elements to which they belong. The cancer is controlled by the elements of water, and Aquarius is the ward of the air element. Their temperaments, views on life, values ​​and priorities are very different. This fact reduces the probability of building a successful and strong union of these signs. Cancer is in the influence of the Moon, which gives him sentimentality, vulnerability and deep sensitivity. He is indecisive, but clever and wise. Everything takes to heart, and therefore his mood can change several times a day. Due to his fearfulness, he is looking for a partner who can protect and take responsibility for both on himself.

In many ways, Aquarius differs from Cancer. He is windy and can not keep his promises, he seems to be on his own — he tries not to become attached to people and is afraid that others will depend on him. More than anything in the world, he values ​​his own freedom and independence, therefore he is not capable of sincere intimacy, which is so necessary for Cancer for peace. For this reason, it is difficult for him to build close relationships with people, since they imply mutual obligations and feelings — be it friendship or love. Aquarius is governed by the planet Uranus, giving its ward a good foreboding and an uncontrollable desire for change, contrary to traditional trends, rebelliousness and the avoidance of stability.

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

Compatibility Horoscope for Cancer and Aquarius

Thus, the signs vary greatly in their passions: the water element needs a safe haven, reliable support and spiritual intimacy. And for the wind, there is nothing better than to freely circulate all over the earth, nowhere else for a long time. Therefore, the compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius will be very low, if at all possible. The partners will have to show a great desire to coexist together and work for themselves for a long time on themselves and relations in general. In this form, which they are originally, they are unlikely to get along together and feel comfortable.

Aquarius has a high self-esteem, sometimes turning into pride. He is confident in himself, considers himself irresistible, intelligent and wants to see an equally bright partner with him. Cute and slightly self-doubting Cancer does not fit this description at all. Therefore, such pairs are very rare and are formed rather contrary, and not because of astrological compatibility. The horoscope of compatibility of Cancer with Aquarius promises them a difficult relationship, in which the sign of the water element will suffer most because of its emotionality.

Cancer and Aquarius Business Compatibility

But the compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius in the work will be beautiful. They are ambitious and have creative abilities. Both ways achieve the intended. Cancers are often indecisive, and Aquarius, on the contrary, has a good communicative function and can effectively communicate to their superiors their general idea. Emotional instability of the water sign does not bother them at all: if this happens, the air sign is ready to lead all the cases alone, until Cancer is understood and returned to the working order.

Compatibility of Cancer with Aquarius in friendship is unlikely: the signs are made from different dough, and this fact will always stand between them. Aquarius does not accept the stability for which Cancer holds. Their interests rarely coincide: the air element needs adventure and adrenaline, and the wards of the Moon dream of peace and harmony. For Cancer are important feelings and warmth of loved ones, Aquarius often sneers at this, deriding the “calf tenderness” of the partner.

Cancer and Aquarius Love Compatibility

The two contradictory elements are difficult to be together, and yet this phenomenon takes place in the world. Aquarius behaves impartially with a partner and at first he likes that the latter looks calm. He perceives Cancer as the most charming creature, kind and innocuous. The element of water immediately catches the inner core and the steadfastness of Aquarius. The image of a strong, confident and stable partner makes Cancer forget about everything in the world and get into the senses with a head. Along the way, he still fantasizes a lot of all non-existent moments, thus, idealizing the image of Aquarius. Thus, the compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius in love is of a high level only at the very beginning of the relationship.

A little later, the partners begin to see and see the real state of affairs and faces of each other. At this point, the compatibility of Cancer with Aquarius in the relationship begins to tend to zero. Cancer begins to suffer, feeling the emotional estrangement of a partner. No tricks do not help him catch him on the hook, and Cancer is used to controlling close people, for security reasons. In this case, his plan fails miserably, because it is impossible to keep air in the fist. Moreover, the sign of water itself becomes the object of manipulation and control: Aquarius is endowed with a high intellect and quickly realizes that it can build relationships in a convenient way, simply pulling at the right ropes. In this case, these ropes are the feelings of Cancer. This novel can become for the element of water the most painful of all possible.

Cancer and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Cancer with Aquarius compatibility in bed also leaves much to be desired for the reason that they have a different approach to having sex. Aquarius does not feel the magic of the moment when two lovers find themselves naked before each other in every sense of the word. He seeks more to get physical and intellectual pleasure, rather than moral and emotional. He does not need special gestures, candles and music — he just does not touch it, takes unnecessary time.

With Cancer, everything is different: the very physical act, which is called sex, for him stands in last place. On the first — those “veal tenderness”, which so avoids and ridicules Aquarius. The air element can not belong to anyone and give a sense of intimacy, merging — it will also become a stumbling block in their shared bed. The coldness of Aquarius leads to the fact that the partner closes and, in general, ceases to experience any sexual desire in his direction.

Cancer and Aquarius Family Compatibility

If these two have reached the registry office consciously, and not accidentally, then this fact can truly be called a miracle. This means that they had to work hard on their relations and review many things in their views. Under such conditions, the compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius in a marriage can be quite successful and satisfy both. Otherwise, if signs entered the status of a family without understanding themselves, each other and their relationships, their joint existence will not last long. The initiator of the gap will most likely be Aquarius. Cancer, aimed at creating a strong family, can puff for a long time, trying to preserve what can not be saved.

For successful compatibility of Cancer with Aquarius in family life, they need to make cardinal changes in their ideas about life and marriage in particular. Cancer needs to realize that you can not strangle a partner with your love and demand the same attitude from him. To see each other and understand, you need a distance, not a complete merger. And that the strict control of the other does not give any guarantees of his eternal presence alongside. Aquarius should understand that spiritual intimacy does not bring any danger and dependence, and the display of tender feelings and emotions can be very pleasant and completely unsympathetic. They need to look for compromises, more often make concessions to each other and less show obstinacy.