Calendar – Meaning of Dream


The authors of many dream books interpret the dream with calendars in so many different ways, but still everybody confidently say that the calendar in a dream, prepares a person to a certain difficulties in life. Calendar is a reminder that time is fleeting.

Catherine the Great in her dream book described in detail the dreams with calendars. If you take the calendar in hand, it means that you are careful in business and thoughts. It is also a harbinger that your career and life will slowly improve. If you dream that you are buying a calendar, it predicts a series of small and insignificant troubles. If you look at the calendar for the past year, it means that some events of the past will not give you peace of mind; and if you see a calendar for the future, it means that events of present will determine your future.

 You should interpret this dream only relying on own senses, but, unfortunately, the dream usually warns of the dangers and troubles. Seeing the dream with calendar, you can remember the dates and therefore interpret the dream more precisely. Such a dream can be quite significant for the person, as here you can see a specific date. It is imperative, in what form and with what purpose calendar appeared in your dream, then you can understand which events in life you need to prepare for. Dream with calendar is quite rare, and therefore not all interpreters of dreams paid attention to it. Calendar in a dream means disappointment in own hopes. Dream book of Hasse says that calendar in the dream, is a sign of time to pay the debts.

If you celebrate something and mark it in the calendar, it means that there will be some important news. If you don’t see any holiday date in calendar, then this dream is a prognostic of a long and tedious work that will not bring adequate reward.

To dream of someone else looking at the calendar it heralds surprises from the people, whom you depend on. View or turn pages of the calendar, means that sorrow and despair will soon come instead of joyful events, but it will be not very important, so no need to worry.

To dream of a calendar, can also mean a desire to rest and change own environment. If you tear apart a calendar, it means that you will spontaneously go on a long journey in spite of all the plans.

To lose and search for calendar means that your hopes and expectations are in vain. If you find the calendar, it means that you have forgotten something important, but it can be corrected. Writing something in calendar, portends settled and easy way of life for a long time.


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