Cake – Meaning of Dream


Cake in a dream is a sign of the imminent holiday. Therefore, it might be seen in the dream on the eve of an important event. If this event is important for you (interview, examination, dissertation defense), the cake means that it will be successful and you will be present on the after feast.

If you dream of a cake, which stands on an empty table, it means that unexpected guests will come to your house, and will bring good news. If a cake is on the table, which is completely served, it means that these guests will be the people, whom you missed a lot.

If a cake is dreamed by a girl who is planning to get married, but has doubts about her partner, it is the sign that there is not ground for doubts. This dream indicates that her choice is correct. For men, this dream has the same meaning.

If you dream of a cake with candles, it is a sign of upcoming anniversary of one of the close people. There is also a bad meaning of such dream, which foreshadows a serious illness. And the more candles were on the cake, the harder will be your disease.  

If you dream that you blow out the candles, and they all went out, it means that any trouble that may arise soon, you will be able to easily overcome. If at least one candle does not go out, it means that the trouble will be serious and you should not treat it in a slipshod manner.

If you dream of a cake with cream of one particular color – it is a very important symbol.   If the color is white it is a symbol of future successes. Chocolate or pink color indicates a pleasant meeting with new people, possibly a new romance or improved family relations. Other colors mostly have a negative connotation. Blue means quarrel, yellow – separation, green – grief. The worst color is black; it is a sign of the disease. If the entire cake is decorated with various creams, it can be ignored.

If you dream you are cooking a cake, it means that somebody will invite you to visit a good feast.

If you dream like someone bakes a cake, you should stop doing what you do, because it might cause you misfortune and trouble. But, if in a dream you eat delicious cake and taste its excellent taste, this dream means great profit or mutual true love. For a young girl, this dream has a different meaning, it promises breakup with her lover.

If you believe to the Eastern Dream book, the huge beautiful cake in a dream means satisfying outcome of work and personal affairs. Generally, a cake is seen in a dream, as a sign of upcoming changes for better.

If you are in anticipation of a great and long-awaited party, you may have the dream about cake as well.


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