Cage – Meaning of Dream


An old cage in a dream suggests that you have no real friends, because in difficult times you won’t have any one to support you. If you see yourself locked in the cage – it is a warning of a disastrous accident.

An animal placed in a cage symbolizes the debility of your detractors. A bird trapped in a cage, foretells the need to make the right momentous decision.

A bad omen is a dream as if you are locked in a cage with a wild animal. In real life, you may be injured in an accident on the road. Particular caution should be exercised by those who are going on a trip or a journey.

If you see a person who lets the bird out of the cage, be ready that this person will break your heart. Birds singing in the cage, predict good news from relatives.

If you dream how birds escape from the cages, it tells that you will not experience any financial difficulties in life, and you always find the necessary amount of funds to meet your needs.

If you dream of condemned people, trying to escape the cage, this is a harbinger of obvious danger.

By selling a cage in a dream, in fact, you will incur losses. A dreamer, who inherited a cage, in real life will soon tie the knot.

In Miller’s interpretation a cage with huge amount of birds, is a harbinger of great fortune and rich house, filled with joyous laughter of children. If you dream only of one bird in a cage, you will create a happy family with your loved one; the marriage will be desirable and profitable. The empty cage may portend the escape or death of a close relative.

If you saw wild animals in the cages, this dream symbolizes your superiority over foes and triumph over troubles and tribulations. If you see yourself together with these animals, you should refrain from long travels, because you may become a victim of an accident.

In addition to all of the above, a cage may symbolize shelter, getting under the guardianship of powerful and influential people, and the development with their help.

Also, if you dream of a whole cage without defects, it may mean that you are rather isolated and do not give vent to your emotions. There is a tip for you: you should not lock your soul, aspiring to be free; you have to express your feelings openly, and come out of your “cage”.

If you dreamed of tweeting siskin sitting in a cage, it foretells the respect of others; silent nightingale forebodes the loss of freedom; a lark means that you can reach anything you want without efforts.



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