Cabinet (office) – Meaning of Dream


Cabinet is a symbol of comfort and performance. If in a dream you saw your cabinet, it bodes that soon you will gain success in affairs and career. Office in a dream is a good sign, but not always. Sometimes the dream may indicate that you devote too much time to work, and it’s time to relax. Cabinet is mostly seen by those people who are very concerned about their careers.

If you dreamed of own cabinet/office, it foretells that you will be promoted and your work will bring you good profit.

Typically, women’s dreams about a cabinet result in promotion. But not all women want to have a good career, so this sign can be interpreted differently for every woman. Cabinet in this case may tell about success in her husband’s affairs.

If you saw a suitcase in the office, it predicts a good profit. If you spend your time in the office with a man, then maybe you will have an office romance.

For a man, this dream may mean a promotion or on the contrary, poor success. In first case, he has to dream of own office. If he dreamed of his boss’s office, it is a bad dream.

If the cabinet is messy, you will experience the confusion in business. In this case, a man may face the confusion and complexity in all affairs. He must put ideas in order and decide what to do correctly.

Office in a dream indicates your great responsibility for own actions. If you dreamed of a private cabinet, it tells that you are a very hardworking person. If you found yourself in someone else’s office performing meticulously your work, this dream predicts your personal and career growth. If you dream as if your friends come into your office, in real life they will fully support and endorse all your undertakings.

If you repair a cabinet alone without the help of a repair brigade, you risk catching inflammatory disease, and might stay in a clinic for a long time.

Luxurious, tasteful and richly furnished office portends successful creative growth. If you have a specific project or good intentions, you can safely implement them.

If you behave in someone’s cabinet as in your own, it tells that you can’t realize your poetic talent and creativity for a long time. If you clean the room in a dream, sweep it or wash the floor, it portends the dismissal from the job that you don’t like anymore. If you dream of wide open office door, your secrets might be publicized.

According to Freud, if you see your beloved one in your office, this dream heralds the quarrel and strife, which may lead to a complete or partial break up of a long-lasting relationship. But often such dreams represent the possibility of finding a compromise between the two quarreled people.



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