Bull – Meaning of Dream


In the dream you see a bull standing in a bull-pen it is a symbol of prosperity and harmony in family life. Spouses will be just the perfect couple, experiencing mutual respect, understanding and love.

If you see a bull, which is grazing on green meadows, it means improved of financial situation in the family, due to an unexpected profit.

To dream of a small cub bull or calf, it heralds getting wealth with inheritance.

If you dream how bull attacks you, it is a sign of well-being in the private life. If you become a witness of a bull attacking someone else, this dream promises you grief that will affect your personal life. However, these problems can occur by your fault, so you should be careful not to hurt your loved one and friends.

If a man dreams of a white bull, it means that he will become a father.

To dream of a bull, is a sign of success in business. Fattened, big bull is a symbol of financial bargains that will delight you with a very large profit.

If you see not just one bull, but a whole herd, the dream symbolizes that soon all the efforts and work will bring positive results. You will reach a privileged position in society, thanks to your work and professionalism.

If the bull is chasing you in the dream, it is a sign of the upcoming competition. Winning of this battle will belong to the strongest. You will be able to win only by clearly defining all strategic moves at the beginning.

Bull, dreamed by a young woman/girl, may be a sign of the approaching marriage. Perhaps the present boyfriend will make a marriage proposal, which appears to be long desired.

When a married woman dreams of a white bull, this dream foretells that she will become a mother soon.

If you kill the bull with own hand, it symbolizes violence with all existing enemies in reality. It is not necessarily that you will conduct “inquisition” over your enemies; they will just got into circumstances where they will suffer from their own hostility.

If the dreamer sees himself riding a bull this dream foretells success in housekeeping and homemaking.

Bull, is a symbol of the hard, strong-willed and somewhat aggressive nature. Sometimes you need to calm down your temper in order to achieve the desired success.

According to a French dream book, bull in a dream is a symbol of passion, deep and strong feelings. These emotions are able to overwhelm the person in real life, if he/she will not resist. Perhaps these feelings can grow into strong and harmonious relationship.



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