Brooch – Meaning of Dream


According to the modern dream interpreter, if you see an expensive brooch, it symbolizes great achievements in all activities and business, as well as unexpected receipt of a gift.

If you get a brooch as a present in a dream, it means that you are trying to attract the attention of people around you in real life. If a woman receives a brooch in a dream as a present, it means that her marriage will be happy in all aspects. If you present it to someone, in life you are prone to reckless spending.

In a dream book of Miller an expensive and beautiful brooch received by unmarried woman foretells upcoming marriage with a fairly wealthy man who will become a great loving father and a wonderful husband.

The desire to hide a stain on your clothes with a help of a brooch, means that you will probably regret about performed actions. You will be plagued by doubts and the situation will get complicated because you hide your feelings from others.

If you’ve lost a brooch, it signifies that you will miss the right moment in real life. If you like and admire a brooch very much, but you have lack of money and can’t buy it, this dream tells you refrain from thoughtless actions.

In a dream book of Vanga, if you found a precious brooch, it is a sign of good luck. In real life, most likely you are incredibly lucky and unexpected event will make you very happy.

If you buy a precious brooch, the reality you will make a valuable and long-awaited acquisition.

Brooch in a dream book of Freud is a good luck in all undertakings.



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