Bronze – Meaning of Dream


Dreaming of bronze bars indicates excessive softness of dreamer’s character. You can easily give up to your principles and intentions, yielding to the entreaties, therefore you do not have a clear idea about own future.

A bronze statue, seen by a woman in a dream, foreshadows unfeasible hopes for marriage with her lover. A different interpretation has a dream in which a statue comes to life: a woman will win the affection of a man.

If you see animal figurines made of bronze, it indicates the presence of envy, who want to cause you property loss.

If you dreamed of antiquities made of ancient bronze, in reality you passionately desire to improve your romantic relationship.

To see damaged bronze stuff means a collapse of plans, separation and chagrin.

Bronze in a dream also symbolizes unstable health, and precarious financial situation or dreamer’s ignorance.

If you see ingots of bronze, it means that your hard work will not be appreciated. Your life will be hard and will not bring too much of pleasure.

If you see yourself mining bronze, it is a sign, that your laziness and cowardice will be the reason of your troubles.

To get a bronze sun tan means that your children will disappoint you, or your partner will betray you.

In a dream you see bronze snakes, it means that you will be envy to other people’s success.

If you see a bronze statue, but it moves like alive, it means that you will have short love adventure.

Bronze statues of animal mean that somebody of your surrounding tries to harm your financial state.



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