Bronchitis – Meaning of Dream


If you see yourself being sick with bronchitis, in reality something or someone will disturb you from realizing your long-cherished plans. Most likely some of your close relatives will get seriously sick and you might need to show care and look after him/her.

Unbearable suffering from painful cough predicts life surprises and insurmountable obstacles that can stop you underway towards the desired goal.

Heavy bronchitis in a dream book by Miller indicates your obligation to deal with the complexities and challenges during the implementation of own plans. Perhaps the reason is illness of a sweat heart.

In specific cases, a bronchitis disease means that might face with enticing but uncertain prospects in upcoming future. Despite your strong wish to acquire something that you’ve always desired to have, you won’t be fully satisfied.

If you suffered from protracted bronchitis, it is an advice: take a better care of your health, do not supercool and do not ignore dangerous symptoms.

If your friend suffered from bronchitis, all of the above applies fully to his/her future.

If you experienced a short of breath because of exhausting and persistent cough, which they could not get rid of – this is a request of your body for rest.

For politicians and singers such a dream foretells to refrain from speaking in public.

Everything can be changed if you dreamed that you have successfully cured a cough. In reality try to care more about yourself, or better turn your activity into a useful habit.

If you see as stranger coughs, you will have to go through some unpleasant events, which, fortunately, won’t overshadow your life.

If you complained to the doctor about bronchi and persistent cough – it was a good dream, promising good health. In a dream you feel that you have problems with bronchi – in real life you will be healthy.

Having bronchitis in a dream signals about necessity to change something, only in such a way you will be able make your home more comfortable. If you suffer from bronchitis, it means that now is inopportune time for you.



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