Breathing – Meaning of Dream


Breathing in the dream has several meanings. Even breathing indicates the same level of life in which everything goes according to the plan and everything works out perfectly. If your breathing during a dream becomes heavy without any visible reason, it heralds that you have to go through hard times, and affairs will develop with varying degrees of success. Do not forget to consult your doctor – these symptoms may indicate the beginning of a serious illness in reality.

In Miller’s dream book, if you talk to a person with a fresh breath, it is a signal that all your projects will be completed with the highest possible profit; be ready for appraisal and respect of responsible and creative person. In turn, stinky and bad breath predicts traps in your way.

Free light breathing in the dream book of Vanga is interpreted as an indication of great creativity. Any beginnings: whether it is painting a picture or writing poetry, will become a real work of art.

If in a dream you breathe the clean air of the woods or the aroma of meadow grass, it bodes that you might experience perfect platonic relationship with the representative of the opposite sex. If your breathing in a dream was intermittent and painful, in reality you will encounter the result of own mistakes and shortcomings.

Freud believed that if in a dream you had a short of breath, then in real life you let your partner pressure you. Currently, your freedom is very limited and this is due to jealousy and diffidence of your partner. Rapid breathing of a sweetheart in a dream foretells unforgettable moments of sensual pleasure that you should get very soon. If you listen to your lover’s breath in a dream, it is an omen that you will live together for a long time in complete trust and mutual understanding.



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