Breakfast – Meaning of Dream


A breakfast symbolizes both pleasant and unpleasant events that can happen to you. They concern each sphere of our life.

If there is a tasty and balanced breakfast in your dream, you can begin choosing what to wear because soon there’ll be a long-waited meeting with your good friends who you haven’t seen for ages. It’ll be a delight for your heart.

If a breakfast in your dream isn’t tasty at all (or at least you don’t like it), it bodes you loneliness in the nearest future. Reconsider your behavior and attitude to other people. Maybe the reason that you can become all alone lies in you. At least, we should always start with ourselves. You’ll see that when you’ll detect and eliminate your flaws everything you couldn’t succeed in will come out.

Also, this dream may denote that you’ll make a lot of mistakes, but you’ll be able to correct them.

If in your dream you’re giving your breakfast to an animal, it is an unfavorable sign. It foreshadows you quarrels with dear to you people and conflicts with your colleagues at work. Mind your behavior and tongue. Probably, it’ll help to avoid them or at least smooth them over.

If you’re having a meagre breakfast in your dream, it threatens you with financial problems in the future. Soon the days when you have to economize your expenditures will come. Don’t be upset of this! It is only a run of bad luck which will be gone very soon.

A breakfast abed is good in real life, but it is extremely unfavorable sign in your dreams. It bodes diseases and accidents. Obligatory apply to a doctor, especially if you have some concerns about your health. If not – very good! Still, all the same running an examination wouldn’t be out of place.

Eating a cold breakfast in your dream signifies that the relations with your sweetheart will be cheerless for some period of time in the future. Just remember that everything depends on you. If you’re not satisfied with this state of affairs, take suitable measures. Try to diversify your life and freshen your relationships up! Arrange romantic evenings, candlelight dinners, go off on a journey to relax and devote all the time just to one another. It must be very helpful.

If you’re making breakfast for your family and yourself in your dream, it suggests that you’ll earn money with hard physical work. Perhaps, there won’t be another way out at that moment. It’ll be the best you’ll be able to do.

If you’re having vegetables and fruits in your dream for a breakfast, it betokens you runaway success not only in business but also in your private life. All bargains you’ll make will be beneficial for you. If to speak about your private life, you’ll find your helpmate. If you’ve already found, your relationships will thrive.

If you’re having breakfast all alone in your dream, it is a caution for you! You can get in serious troubles because of your ill-wishers. Keep your eyes open. Reconsider the list of people you can trust.

In its turn, a dream in which you’re having breakfast not alone but with a pleasant company bodes you only good. Luck is on your side. Especially, it concerns your private life. If you’re single, very soon you’ll find your person.



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