Box – Meaning of Dream


The image of a box in a dream suggests that a person has already formed a set of specific behavior at the inherent level.

Dreams are still a mystery for humanity. Scientists believe that through dreams people can communicate with the other world. Dreams are seen by everyone, but not everybody thinks about its meaning. Sometimes, there are occasions when person’s fate depended on the correct interpretation of a dream. You can believe to other people’s words or rely only to scientific explanation for certain dreams.

Dreaming of boxes can be interpreted in different ways based on the nuances seen. Be careful if you saw a box in a dream. Remember its color, shape, size and content. Based on this information, a dream will be treated individually, because there is no such a dream book which gives an unambiguous interpretation.

According to the Italian Dream Interpretation Book, a box doesn’t have a specific meaning. Box should be considered as a container which isolates the contents from external impacts. On a subconscious level, the image of the box can be regarded as a certain pattern of behavior. This dream may portend certain events for which a person can react according to this pattern of behavior.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation also explains what box means. Specialists directly tied interpretation of dreams to the emotional state of the person. Psychologists say that a box is a symbol of female genitalia. Accordingly, a box can be seen as isolation from external influence, protection, and readiness to implement any event, regardless of external factors. The image of a box is frequently combined with a woman, because she also reliably protects her child from external influence.

Some dream books recommend interpreting box according to its shape. For example, if in a dream you see a long box, which is associated with a coffin, then in reality it will lead to frustration, unrequited love or illness.

And if a box has a form similar to a chest or casket, it is certainly a sign of profit, prosperity and happiness.

If you dream of an empty box, this is a symbol of disappointment; if it has useful content – you will have a pleasant surprise. A dream, in which you see linen container, portends some bad news.

If you dream of a box of crayons or paints, it means that soon your affairs will bring a profitable result. If a dream was colorful and you memorized a beautiful box of a small size, it means that in the near future you will become happy with your family life and household. Thus, in this dream it is important to consider the form, size and content of a box.



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